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AMSOIL Z-Rod 10W-30 ZDDP now in Corvair

I just drained out the break-in oil for the “High Zinc” or ZDDP fortified synthetic by AMSOIL. This product is under the name of Z-ROD. (10W-30)

Impressions will be recorded but the car is on jack stands getting the rear suspension updated and the floor is being rust proofed.

We have a lot of other processes going on so the Corvair updates may take time. I am working on several websites, expanding our business and serving our daily walk in customers.

I am planning the Corvair to be the car which gets the most miles!! Wait till you see the suspension mods.

Anyway I just switched out the Clarks factory style oil filter with their oil filter adapter so we can use the AMSOIL Nanofiber oil filters. These are the best oil filter money can buy. Why? Because they are “absolute” at 20 microns, use a glass fiber which used no resins which will flow throughout its lifespan at all temperatures. The capacity is at least three times of any other filter its size due to the small fibers and controlled filter areas.
Here are a couple photos of the unit with our filters. (I’m using the old EAO-57 from a stock load of years ago – this filter is replaced by the EAO-51 now).

The bypass kit will follow soon!! I have not decided if I will go with the single or dual. I have made a 2nd spin on oil filter adapter with a port to feed a single should I wish to go that route. Oil analysis will be recorded!

Future mods to the engine will be fuel injection!

66 Corvair using AMSOIL spin-on oil filters

Close-up of Corvair oil filter and adapter.

Amsoil Corvair

Corvair using AMSOIL Nanofiber Oil Filter

Sucess with AMSOIL break in oil

It’s not typical to have the amount of smoke I experienced after first getting my rebuilt motor installed and running. I immediately started looking for answers from piston ring damage on assembly to valve stem wear. I put on new seals but as this was a partial rebuild I didn’t replace the stock valve guides and valves. As I am using AMSOIL products, engine wear is on my side.

Well it seems the issue was corrected by break-in. Perhaps it was an issue of ring position or perhaps even an incorrect dipstick (wrong level mark). But bottom line is the motor is no longer smoking! The high zinc petroleum base SAE 30 break-in oil was designed for quick break-ins.

corvair_engine_breakin_oilThe car has been parked outside and amazingly the car starts quite easily. In fact on the first turn of the key after a couple pumps before hand even if it has sat for four days. It’s been outside in Sioux Falls weather averaging 10 degrees F since I started driving.

Anyway, it’s time to change the oil after two months and about 300 miles. I only can do short trips as the suspension is needing serious repair as well as tires and a heater!! Also we are not decided which oil I want to use and when exactly I will install the oil bypass kit. I am leaning on the ZROD 10W-30 High ZDDP (Zinc) oil but may run XL one change to help get out some of the break-in debris. Corvairs called for 10W-30 or 10W-40. I suggest you use the lowest first then increase viscosity based on oil consumption.  Other choices would be the HDD 5W-30 or the AMO 10W-40. One could also use the AME 15W-40 as it’s easy to find in my garage due to the product of choice for my Studebaker Hawk.


one note our customers may find useful is that they can break in their motor just fine with the XL line. No friction modifiers allow this to be true. AMSOIL suggested the Breakin Oil was intended for motors which are 500HP or higher. Motors with less power really didn’t need it..

Staytuned!! More to come on this exciting project for maximum Corvair performance using AMSOIL products!!

Ches Cain