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AMSOIL Sale of the Year – Sioux Falls – Buy at our cost

AMSOIL AT Cost Week! Save and buy at membership pricing or better!

Today the once per year sale started!

August 11 through the 14th.

Come in and buy at cost. I want to re-do my shelving so I thought this would be the best time to have our yearly sale., It’s also noted on our Facebook page and the Google Local listing.

So look up your vehicles’ needs and take advantage of this deal.

Especially load up on gear and transmission fluids. You save the most there.


We’re just behind Marlins at the TEA exit. Exit 73 on I29 south of Sioux Falls.

Look up 47073 98th St.

Announcement – Banks Performance/AMSOIL Partnership

Known for Being The Pinnacle of Performance, AMSOIL and Banks Make for Logical Partnership

Much more to be published on this in the future of course – here’s just a little about the two firms.

Endorsement To Better Serve Customer Base

Banks Power has recently endorsed AMSOIL as the lubricant of choice. As the premier design and manufacturer of power enhancing products for diesel and gas powered vehicles, Banks Power is well-known and respected in the diesel enthusiast community. Similar to AMSOIL, the company’s fundamental principles combine old fashioned business ethics and service with leading technology. Customers expect elegantly engineered products, superior construction, scientifically proven performance and competitive prices.

amsoil and banks performance partmership

Technological Achievements

Banks company history is studded with technological achievements. Including Gale’s pioneering work in turbocharging marine engines in 1969; the premiere of twin-turbo small block Chevy engines in 1978; the invention and patent of the Banks OttoMind electronic fuel management module in 1997; transmission control systems; and the recent invention and patent of the iDash DataMonster, the only instrument to calculate, log and display an exclusive suite of engine parameters, including manifold air density.


First and foremost, Banks is an engineering firm. Established in 1958 Banks has grown to 100+ employees on a 12 acre campus. The mechanical engineering department is staffed with world class automotive experts who design and test the latest high performance equipment. In the Race Shop, special project vehicles feature cutting edge diesel and gasoline development, multiple turbo applications, mind-boggling horsepower and head turning style. Sophisticated electronic engineering technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department. Gale Banks Engineering Designs turbocharged engines from the centerline of the crankshaft out.

Amsoil as included differential oil with banks products

“Banks Protected by AMSOIL”

Banks Protected by AMSOIL endorsement will appear on all digital media reaching millions of enthusiasts who have yet to experience the AMSOIL difference.

Creating further valuable exposure, Banks is offering its new differential cover bundled with four Easy Packs of the AMSOIL Severe Gear as the first fill lubricant coupled with a flyer with information on how to buy or find AMSOIL products.

A Cold Air Intake Filter which Protects Against Dirt

Do you trust your cold air filter element to protect your motor?

Your average OEM cellulose filter is excellent to good when compared to these oil wetted gauze filters. The easiest way to tell is just look for the word “nanofiber”. Of course that’s key but the matter in which the material is sprayed on is also significant.

Huh? Smaller Holes = More Restriction  Then How’s AMSOIL’s filter better?

Below is our new display built courtesy of one of our Omaha customers!

Comparing cold air intake filters with light.

It’s about the air getting around the dirt. Typically larger media is easier to clog whereas the nanofiber (used in clean rooms) allows the air to continue to go around the dirt as the point at which the dirt comes in contact with the media is reduced.

When you stop dirt you retain compression and performance!

Think about a Chain Link Fence vs. Mosquito Netting

A similar analogy is putting a tennis ball into a chain link fence. The whole area of the opening is now cut off. Now add the nanofiber (mosquito netting) over the top of the chain link fence. Place the tennis ball on the hole but observe: the tennis ball only closes off about 5% of the surface and the entire area is still opened up..

More capacity = better performance and as the holes are smaller you get more protection too. The oil wetted gauze filters offer only the slightest protection over their life compared to running no filter at all. Cummins issued a bulletin in the late 90’s to never use these filters.

Nanofiber compared to cellulose

Comparing typical filter media to ours.

Several Filter Sizes Available

There are 17 different sizes available. We keep most of them in the local store (Exit 73) and Stan Houston’s can have these delivered on site of that location is more convenient.

This link will help you find the best fit

Electron Microscope shot of the synthetic filter media

A filter is supposed to actually “stop” the dirt – lol

Learn more on our page dedicated to this “cone” Cold Air Intake Filter.  I keep most of these sizes in stock in Sioux Falls.  Call 605-274-2580 to double check.

The Cost of Owning a Diesel – This Product is Not an Option

Diesel Fuel Additives – Not an Option in Diesel Ownership

Years of reviewing the effects of modern diesel fuel, mechanical issues, costs and designs of injectors, pumps, failures keeps the topic of the misunderstood fuel additive fresh in mind.

Impressive In The Field

As an AMSOIL dealer, one product I rank in the top three where overly positive feedback is almost always given at each sale is our Diesel Injector Clean (and lubricant).  Of course many of those sales were started because I suggested to the customer to try our brand over whatever else they were using. And the majority of the time the customer was not using any at all! But the results seem to be instant thus the higher level of feedback.

Diesel Fuel Additives at Stan Houston's

Display at Stan Houston’s on 12th st – Diesel Fuel Additives and synthetic oils.

What To Expect

I could list all the sales info, product points to know, etc. but you can easily find all that in the product listing or technical data sheet (printable PDF). I wanted to state some of the instant feedback and some savings you can expect!

  • Increased mileage beyond any averages AMSOIL claims. I hear 2 to 3 more MPG’s although that’s not advertised.
  • Quieter engine
  • Regens cut in half – That alone is worth it! Unique to AMSOIL’s formula.
  • More power under load – You’ll notice more with the Cetane Boost
  • Solved sluggishness when passing
  • Skip past expected injector failure mileage to next to none
  • RV’s – amazingly easier starts on seldom used engines
  • Longer fuel filter performance
  • Less water buildup in tank


This is the reason it’s not optional. Not AMSOIL but the industry says you need a lubricant added to every tank of fuel.
AMSOIL recently posted about folks using 2-stroke oil in the fuel. They admitted it worked but only offers a fraction of the lubricant needed especially in modern injectors which rely on products with years of development. The results can be in the thousands saved on repair or replacement costs.

A fuel additive supplier who visited at one of our AMSOIL dealer conventions made it clear. He used a 2015 Chevy Durmax diesel for example. He said in 10 year ownership you will ether spend on average $750 on fuel additives or $6000 to $10,000 in injector repair.

Much of the failure is because the fuel or the over the counter additive doesn’t address corrosion within the injector. The wear resulting which is not visible without a microscope can be devastating to your engines efficiency. The injectors these days usually only have 1 to 2 microns of space around them so you cannot afford even the slightest  dirt causing wear or corrosion from a lack of proper additive.

Best way to buy in Sioux Falls

I keep a healthy supply at my shop at Exit 73 and also at Stan Houston’s on W. 12th St.

The best way to buy is get one 16 oz. bottle and the half gallon as the refill. The savings with the half-gallon is like buying four 160-ounce bottles but paying for three. A sight window is on all bottles assisting with the proper dosage.  And the best part is one ounce (1OZ) treats five gallons! It’s a great bargain even at full retail.

Of course you can buy through our website – AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean Product Code ADF.

We also have 5-gallon sizes for OTR Trucking operations and a small 8 ounce bottle (Case of 6) for passenger car diesels.



Saber Pro to help with Sioux Falls Tornado Clean-up

We are fully stocked with the best 2-cycle oil on the planet.

This product will help greatly with the clean up after the tornado damage in Sioux Falls. Chain saws NEED Saber. Don’t struggle with other products.

The Saber Pro we have posted several study’s and articles as it’s AMSOIL’s 2nd oldest product and the one that saves you money.

It’s like insurance for your chainsaw whether you have an expensive one or you have to make an old 2nd hand unit last. You can save on spark-plugs, fuel and downtime with our best 2-strike pre-mix ever created.

Saber Pro 2-cycle oil for chain saws in Sioux Falls

I have it in stock here at the AMSOIL store Tea Exit 73 and also at Stan Houston’s.
We did run out of the Bar & Chain oil today but more has been ordered for both locations.