I just drained out the break-in oil for the “High Zinc” or ZDDP fortified synthetic by AMSOIL. This product is under the name of Z-ROD. (10W-30)

Impressions will be recorded but the car is on jack stands getting the rear suspension updated and the floor is being rust proofed.

We have a lot of other processes going on so the Corvair updates may take time. I am working on several websites, expanding our business and serving our daily walk in customers.

I am planning the Corvair to be the car which gets the most miles!! Wait till you see the suspension mods.

Anyway I just switched out the Clarks factory style oil filter with their oil filter adapter so we can use the AMSOIL Nanofiber oil filters. These are the best oil filter money can buy. Why? Because they are “absolute” at 20 microns, use a glass fiber which used no resins which will flow throughout its lifespan at all temperatures. The capacity is at least three times of any other filter its size due to the small fibers and controlled filter areas.
Here are a couple photos of the unit with our filters. (I’m using the old EAO-57 from a stock load of years ago – this filter is replaced by the EAO-51 now).

The bypass kit will follow soon!! I have not decided if I will go with the single or dual. I have made a 2nd spin on oil filter adapter with a port to feed a single should I wish to go that route. Oil analysis will be recorded!

Future mods to the engine will be fuel injection!

66 Corvair using AMSOIL spin-on oil filters

Close-up of Corvair oil filter and adapter.

Amsoil Corvair

Corvair using AMSOIL Nanofiber Oil Filter