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GM dexos R Raised the Motor-Oil Bar for High-Performance Engines

GM dexos R Raises the Motor-Oil Bar for High-Performance Engines

AMSOIL Signature Series outperformed before the GM motor oil specification.
Try the 5W-50 Corvette oil available here in Sioux Falls.

The GM dexos R spec applies to modern high-performance cars like the Corvette.

_by Brad Nelson |January 30, 2023

Reposting this past article on our Signature Dexos R 0W-40 and 5W-50. They’re huge sellers in our Omaha location but want to get the word out about the supply here in Sioux Falls.

GM recently launched a new motor oil performance standard with its proprietary dexos R motor oil specification. Dexos R denotes 0W-40 and 5W-50 motor oils that can withstand the rigors of high-speed and high-load conditions created during high-performance driving. As of now, the specification only applies to high-performance engines used in Corvettes and Camaros.

Modern engines with high power density, forced induction, multi-point fuel injection, cylinder deactivation and emissions systems are driving demand for more advanced lubricants. High-performance vehicles push those technologies to another level, requiring a motor oil that can protect components operating in extreme heat and high-load conditions.

Testing is complete and AMSOIL Signature Series already outperforms the dexos R specification. The dexos R icon will be added to Signature Series 0W-40 and 5W-50 packages.

The GM dexos R motor oil specification applies to modern high-performance Corvettes and Camaros.

AMSOIL has pushed lubricant technology to new levels since 1972 when AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Since then, we have never stopped pushing ourselves to develop more-advanced formulations. The result? We continue to produce the best motor oils on the market.

Stop in and try the 5W-50 “Corvette” oil and discover the performance improvement! Or really the one oil which lets the engine operate to it’s potential!


47073 98th St. Sioux Falls.

AMSOIL Hybrid Motor Oil Protects Hybrid Engines

AMSOIL Hybrid Motor Oil Addresses Hybrid Engine Challenges

_by Johnny Gage |Dec 7th, 2023

Your Maintenance Choices should match the Motives of Hybrid Engine ownership

Hybrid vehicles are designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. They combine an internal combustion engine powered by traditional fuels with an electric motor powered by batteries. The electric motor is used to propel the vehicle from stops and for low-speed driving and the gasoline engine takes over powering the vehicle at higher speed and recharges the batteries.  

Hybrids are projected to be 18% of cars on the road by 2035 and roughly half of all hybrid owners identify themselves as automotive enthusiasts. These are drivers searching for modern technology and premium products, who are also committed to maintaining their own vehicles, maximizing safety and reliability, and saving money. 

Hybrid engine challenges – You mean they didn’t do any long term studies??

So often new engine technology requires specific lubricant needs but the call to the manufacturers for a new specification usually lags the issues after issues are discovered.

Hybrid vehicles endure a unique set of challenges due to frequent starting and stopping of the engine. Intermittent operation of combustion engines makes them especially vulnerable to corrosion.

The Key Issue: The infrequent use and instant load  before the engine has had time to warm up creates a situation where the engine cannot evaporate condensation inside the block. This causes rust, greater wear and reduces efficiency. Cooler cylinders can also cause incomplete combustion, increasing the likelihood of unburnt fuel leaking into the crankcase and contaminating the motor oil. It happens all the time and can be mitigated! 

Often the lubricant requirements for these vehicles unique situations are beyond what is available off the shelf at your auto parts store. Not to mention that lower standard of oil you get with the “A Year of Free Oil Changes” or vats at the quicklube.  Not so with AMSOIL!!

Additionally, motor oil needs to flow quickly to critical components every time the engine engages, which is problematic when the engine is constantly cold due to being idle. Hybrid engines are also required to engage quickly under high-load operation to assist the electric motor and must be able to rapidly reach increased engine speeds.

Hybrid engines require high-quality oil that resists moisture, flows properly before it reaches operating temperatures and resists oxidation once it heats up.  

Hybrid solution

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil is specifically engineered to address the unique demands of hybrid electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) engines, with a boosted dose of dispersants and inhibitors to help prevent condensation-related corrosion and maintain optimal engine performance. Its robust viscosity combats the negative effects of fuel dilution and maintains consistent and optimal flow of oil to key engine components at low temperatures, ensuring rapid protection at startup.  

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil (0W-20 and 0W-16) is API Licensed & ILSAC Licensed and is recommended for service intervals of 15,000 miles or 1 year in normal service. It is a premium upgrade over vehicle manufacturer-branded motor oils, delivering purpose-built protection that extends oil drain intervals and maximizes hybrid performance, fuel economy and engine life. Follow the owner’s manual recommendation for severe service intervals. 

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil is tailored to the unique challenges presented by hybrid vehicles, making it an excellent choice for hybrid owners looking for an upgrade in hybrid engine protection.

New AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil Viscosities

New AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil Viscosities

A new 10W-60 and 0W-30 for several BMW, Volkswagen and other fancy European cars.

Two new European motor oils - synthetic 0W-30 and 10W-60

_by Brad Nelson|September 13, 2023

Those who know, know. The sophisticated engineering, finely-tuned performance and artistic styling of European cars can turn a daily commute into a grin-inducing experience. The design of these vehicles requires specialized motor oils to meet their specifications. AMSOIL is adding two new viscosities to the AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil line to do just that: AMSOIL 0W-30 Synthetic European Motor Oil and AMSOIL 10W-60 Synthetic European Motor Oil.

0W-30 Synthetic European Motor Oil – VW and BMW Owners Unite

Sioux Falls store: You requested it!! For a LONG time we’ve been requesting this on your behalf!

AMSOIL 0W-30 Synthetic European Motor Oil is a proprietary formula designed for the unique demands of gasoline, diesel and hybrid European vehicles. Its precise blend of advanced synthetic base oils and premium additives delivers exceptional engine protection without harming emissions systems. AMSOIL 0W-30 European Motor Oil offers outstanding protection in high-temperature conditions and improved cold-flow properties.

AMSOIL 0W-30 Synthetic European Motor Oil meets the BMW* LongLife* 01-FE 0W-30 specification. BMW updated its previous recommendation of LongLife 01 5W-30, and the new spec covers many newer BMW six-cylinder engines. The new recommendation is backward compatible with vehicles that currently use, and were factory filled with, 5W-30.

Product Highlights

  • Outstanding protection in high-temperature conditions
  • Greater flow in cold temperatures


Use AMSOIL 0W-30 Synthetic European Motor Oil in applications that require any of the following specifications: API SP, SN Plus, SN; ACEA C2/C3; BMW LL-01FE; Mercedez-Benz* MB 229.31, 229.51, 229.52; VW/Audi* 504/507; Porsche* C30.

AMSOIL 10W-60 Synthetic European Motor Oil

Another one here in the Sioux Falls store we’ve been getting requests for and had to turn customers away. No longer!! This is as hard to find viscosity and specification so engine and warranties will be satisfied and protected!

AMSOIL 10W-60 Synthetic European Motor Oil provides a high-performance motor oil for European performance vehicles, including BMW M Series,* Ferrari,* Aston Martin* and Maserati.* Its advanced formula of premium synthetic base oils and leading-edge additives deliver exceptional protection in extreme conditions. AMSOIL 10W-60 Synthetic European Motor Oil provides excellent shear resistance, reduced oil consumption and dependable performance so you can confidently push your high-performance vehicle to the limit.

Product Highlights

  • Exceptional engine protection in extreme temperatures
  • Shear resistance
  • Reduced oil consumption


Use AMSOIL 10W-60 Synthetic European Motor Oil in applications that require API SN or ACEA A3/B3; A3/B4, including the BMW M Series, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati.

This viscosity is not available in Canada.

Drive with confidence

The new 0W-30 and 10W-60 viscosities add to a robust line of AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil that often exceeds strict European manufacturer specifications. Its shear-stable synthetic base oils and high-quality anti-wear additives provide outstanding protection in high-heat conditions for dependable performance throughout the long drain intervals recommended by European vehicle manufacturers.

Additionally, the excellent oxidation stability, heat resistance and detergency properties of AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil helps keep engines clean. It is designed to prevent sludge and varnish deposits, reduce oil consumption, extend engine life and provide maximum performance.

AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil provides outstanding protection for turbochargers by keeping them cool and resisting deposits. Impressive cold-flow properties protect turbochargers from oil starvation in subzero temperatures and ensure a rapid return to appropriate oil pressure at startup.

AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil includes FS, MS and LS identification to help differentiate between full-SAPS, mid-SAPS and low-SAPS formulations. What does that mean? European vehicles feature gasoline and diesel engines with emissions systems that are highly sensitive to SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) content. SAPS are common oil additives that provide desirable performance properties, including detergency and protection against wear and oxidation. However, protecting sensitive emissions systems found in European vehicles requires different SAPS levels for different vehicles – it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal.

The New SEVERE GEAR Easy-Pack

The New SEVERE GEAR Easy-Pack

Enthusiasts pride themselves on finding their own solutions to tough problems. When there’s no manual, they roll up their sleeves and make it work. But even the most inventive gearhead inevitably throws down an oily rag and wonders why the process has to be so difficult. Changing gear lube is often one of those frustrating tasks.

Differentials Require Service

A clean, high-quality gear lube helps prevent the howls and whines that can occur from extended periods of metal-to-metal contact. It provides differentials and transmissions with crucial protection – particularly against the rigors of towing and hauling – and it should be changed on a schedule to protect your pickup. Unfortunately, changing this vital fluid doesn’t come without challenges.

Tight Squeeze

Removing the cover on your “pumpkin” and draining the fluid might not be difficult, but installing new fluid requires the ability to push liquid uphill. Unless the pickup is lifted, differentials are packed in high and tight. Reaching fill holes is difficult, and you cannot tip the bottles at an angle that allows the fluid to run into the differential with the help of gravity.

Troublesome Current Solutions

That’s why most gear lube is sold in conical plastic bottles. The idea is that you’ll be able to squeeze the gear lube from the bottle and force it into your diff. Unfortunately, those bottles are rigid and hard to squeeze. You cannot get all of the fluid out of the bottle, so you end up buying more than you truly need to get the job done. Pumps are an improvement, but even those can be leaky or require a third hand to operate without major spillage.

The Mess

No matter your method (pump or conical bottle), it seems impossible to service differentials without making a big mess.

The AMSOIL Solution

The new AMSOIL easy-pack eliminates all of the old obstacles.

Easily access hard-to-reach fill holes. The packaging is flexible. Just bend it until the nozzle is pointing where you need it to be and insert it into the fill hole.

Easily squeeze out entire contents. Empty the easy-pack into your differential with no waste and no mess.

AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 and 75W-140 100% Synthetic Gear Lube (SVG, SVO) continue to provide the same great performance.

  • High film strength for high-load demands
  • Reduces friction and provides the ultimate protection against wear
  • Helps maintain efficiency
  • Well-suited for towing, hauling, racing, commercial use or other severe duty
  • Durable easy-pack makes the job cleaner and faster

A Closer Look at Bypass Oil Filtration

A Comprehensive Look at Bypass Filtration

AMSOIL Bypass Systems offer top-of-the-line protection

Bypass oil filtration features a secondary filter with the purpose of eliminating nearly all contaminants from engine oil. Bypass filters have high capacities and eliminate much smaller particles than full-flow filters. They reduce engine wear and increase oil volume, but their high efficiencies mean they also have higher restriction and must be used in conjunction with a full-flow filter.

How Bypass Filters Work

Bypass filters operate by filtering oil on a “partial-flow” basis. They draw approximately 10 percent of the oil pump’s capacity at any one time and trap the extremely small, wear-causing contaminants that full-flow filters can’t remove. Bypass filters have a high pressure differential, causing the oil to flow through them very slowly and allowing for the removal of smaller contaminants, including soot. It is called bypass filtration because the oil flows from the bypass filter back to the sump, bypassing the engine. This continual process eventually makes all the oil analytically clean, reduces long-term wear and can extend oil drain intervals.

AMSOIL Bypass Filtration Benefits

  • Significantly Extended Engine Life

The majority of engine wear is caused by particles in the 5-20 micron range. Because AMSOIL Ea® Bypass Filters effectively remove contaminants down to 2 microns, engines receive the ultimate in wear protection. Less engine wear keeps the engine in better condition, extending its life.

  • Efficient Small-Particle and Soot Removal

The high-efficiency Ea Bypass Filter element is 98.7 percent effective at removing particles down to 2 microns, helping extend engine life. It is also a very effective soot-removal device.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

AMSOIL Bypass Systems provide a dramatic increase in engine protection, helping avoid costly repairs associated with engine wear.

  • Improved Oil Cooling

By installing an additional filter, the engine system has the capacity to hold more oil. With increased oil capacity, the oil filtration system contains more fluid through which it can disperse heat from the engine. This allows the engine and the oil to run cooler.

  • Extended Drain Intervals

Ea Bypass Filters can help users extend their oil drain intervals. Make sure to use oil analysis when extending oil drain intervals.

Outstanding Protection at an Affordable Price – Smartest Passive Unit you can buy

Competing single-remote bypass systems designed for Ford*, GM* and RAM* turbodiesel vehicles range in price from $250 to more than $700, with an average largely over $450. Most AMSOIL Single-Remote and Dual-Remote Bypass Systems carry an MSRP below the market average.

Competing heavy-duty bypass systems range in price from $650 to more than $850. The premium-quality AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Bypass System (BMK30) and DUAL-GARD® Bypass System (BMK22) have MSRPs almost half the market average.

AMSOIL offers complete bypass systems for certain popular applications that include all components necessary for installation (including parts, hose, filters and installation instructions). We also offer universal bypass systems that can be customized with different additional parts to fit specific applications.

Easy Installation

AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration Systems are relatively easy to install and easy to maintain. Do-it-yourself installation instructions are provided.

Durable Construction

AMSOIL Bypass Systems and Ea Bypass Filters are built tough to withstand the most severe operating conditions.

Call us with questions, our best pricing or order online where you can also download the instructions.