Super Shift Racing Transmission Fluid Type F 

Formulated for High-Horsepower, High-Torque Applications

For maximum success, racers need to be confident their transmission is going to shift smoothly and operate properly no matter how hard they push it. Powerful, high-torque racing applications, however, place enormous stress on transmissions. Fluids incapable of withstanding intense heat and shearing forces can break down, leading to damaging sludge, wear and poor shift quality.

Qualifies as a SAE 10W.

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Super Shift® Racing Transmission Fluid SAE 10W Helps Transmissions Run Clean

AMSOIL Super Shift guards against heat and wear, helping reduce temperatures and prevent transmission failures. Its superior oxidative and thermal stability inhibits the formation of varnish, deposits and sludge so equipment runs clean. Super Shift acts as a heat transfer fluid and, by controlling clutch slippage, it helps reduce operating temperatures in hot transmissions. In low temperatures, Super Shift flows readily for dependable startup and post-startup protection.

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Smooth Shifts

AMSOIL Super Shift contains top-quality additives selected specifically for racing applications. Its superior transmission friction performance provides high holding capacity for maximum torque transfer and brake power. Super Shift virtually eliminates slippage. The clutch will engage more firmly improving overall shift performance. Track times will improve!

Wear Protection

AMSOIL Super Shift Type F contains a robust additive system for extra protection, and its shear-stable base oils help prevent viscosity loss. It will also add better long-term protection against equipment wear, even when equipment is frequently subjected to sustained periods of applied pressure or high horsepower and high torque.

It helps clutches, bearings and bushings last longer, saving money on transmission repairs. No more deposits from burnt fluid!

Inhibits Corrosion and Foam

Super Shift protects equipment from corrosion during prolonged periods of equipment storage. It controls foaming for reduced component wear and responsive clutch plate engagement.

  • Helps reduce extreme heat
  • Promotes smooth shifts
  • Guards against wear


Use in automatic transmissions coupled to high-horsepower, high-torque engines. Also use where heavy loads place a high demand on the transmission. Use in transmissions that require Allison* C-4 or Ford* Type F fluid. Suggested automatic transmission applications include:

  • Drag racing cars and trucks
  • Monster trucks
  • Stock cars
  • Off-road 4×4 vehicles
  • Street hot rods
  • Classic car trying to improve fuel economy


AMSOIL Super Shift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid is compatible with other fluids; however, for best performance and service life, mixing fluids should be minimized.

Note: AMSOIL Super Shift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid is not recommended as a replacement for Ford MERCON*, GM* DEXRON or Chrysler* ATF+ type fluids in passenger vehicle and truck transmissions. It may cause erratic shift patterns, chattering or noise. AMSOIL is not responsible for transmission performance inconsistent with specifications listed. 

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AMSOIL products are backed by a Limited Liability Warranty.For complete information visit AMSOIL Warranty Information.

Local Editor Thoughts

This is a versatile product many of our customers use at their own risk. Although it’s great for Type F applications many use it in conjunction with other fluids to increase friction for some eye opening performance. But doing so is intended for race vehicles or vehicles out of warranty which the driver has total responsibility for their modifications.

We once had a towing fleet who used this against recommendations. He mixed 50% ATF (Dexron) with this Super Shift Type F and added two more miles per gallon! There were risks involved but maybe he knew he was going to replace the transmission anyway at some point.