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Ultimate Protection for Competition Diesel Engines

Ultimate Protection for Competition Diesel Engines

Whether competing in sled pulls, drag races or dyno challenges, competitors using DOMINATOR® 20W-50 Competition Diesel Oil enjoy the confidence and security that come with providing their diesel trucks maximum protection and performance.

Racing and high-performance diesel engines are modified to deliver maximum horsepower and torque. Their powerful designs create shearing forces that can cause oils to lose viscosity, leaving bearings, pistons and other components vulnerable to wear and failure. DOMINATOR Competition Diesel Oil delivers 50 percent more film thickness* to withstand high cylinder pressures and protect against wear. It is heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to provide additional protection against scuffing and wear in severe conditions.

  • Competition-grade technology formulated specifically to deliver maximum power and protection in performance-modified diesel engines
  • Extra zinc and phosphorus for bulletproof wear protection
  • Fights oil breakdown under the extreme temperatures and pressures of competition, extending the lives of cylinders, rings, cranks, rods, turbochargers and bearings
  • High-viscosity formulation provides an extra level of protection, while offsetting the negative effects of fuel dilution
  • Delivers superior shear stability to withstand the intense stress and compression common to high-horsepower diesel trucks
  • May be used in any diesel engine calling for an API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4+ or CH-4 diesel oil


*compared to the 3.5cP HTHS limit for SAE 15W-40

Not kept in stock at this time as it’s a niche product. Call ahead and order and we’ll have it here in 2-3 days or shipped to your door at the best price.

AMSOIL Powersports Dept – Motorcycle Oil Leads the Industry

From AMSOIL to our store in OMAHA – All your Power Sports and Motorcycle fluids, oils and lubricants are in one spot!

When you have been in business in a specialized industry as the true innovator, suppliers to AMSOIL know of their management as the most committed to quality with no compromises. In fact they will even tell you of all their clients they work with – that the AMSOIL staff is the best dressed, thus demanding respect. There are dozens of strict guidelines and tests in place that ensures quality will never waver. Price and logistics are never a factor when it comes to selecting or creating the best additives and base oils used in the processes.

This philosophy is essential to have the impressive results that AMSOIL customers recognize. Face it – as difficult as it is to find AMSOIL sometimes you have to recognize their sales numbers. The products have been listed by National Oil & Lube News as 10% of all oils requested at lube centers. This is huge when you consider the competition and cheap bulk oil rates these days and the fact that many of our customers only consider AMSOIL as a powersports product. (Yes they do!!)  Customers look toward independents now for quality and have lost trust in the large corporate mega-sellers who have to constantly re-brand to regain its base.

Dirt Bike oil for clutch and motor

AMSOIL knows that Americans take their leisure time seriously and performance and dependability is key in modern powersports equipment. OEM’s put pressure on customers to use their product and often violate the law by insisting their product must be used to maintain factory warranty. Although this is a major federal violation on manufacturer liability (they must provide maintenance products free of charge per the MagnusonMoss Warranty Act if they insist one brand must be used). Thus AMSOIL must exist in the industry as the leading product offering unmatched performance.

So this is the season for motorcycling, jet-skiing, boating and other powersports. But the motorcycle oils really have made the grade capturing the largest market share in the industry for an independent oil company. When it comes to motorcycles, AMSOIL addresses all the issues. Not only do you have available specific engine oils for all types of motorcycles & ATV’s but the fuel systems, drive train and even the paint finish is addressed.


Here is a list of key products in the Synthetic Motorcycle/ATV line up:

Reasons customers say they will continue using only AMSOIL products: (List specific to our motorcycle customers)

  • Measurable lower temperatures under load
  • Instant noticeable performance
  • “It freed up the engine” – I get that one all the time
  • Product lasts longer – more miles and the filter brings added peace of mind
  • Addresses issues which happen in storage – off season
  • No more feeling that the engine was suffering when idling long in traffic or pushed in high ambient temperature extremes. – No loss of oil pressure
  • Customers know AMSOIL’s tech is there for feedback to to discuss issues
  • Measurable increase in fuel economy
  • MADE in USA

We hope you stop in and try our motorcycle oils and lubricants and discover first hand why people swear by AMSOIL products!! You’ll feel it in the throttle!

AMSOIL Sioux Falls – 402-933-3902

We can also ship saving you money too!! We use Speedy Delivery which is usually 1-day so a case of oil may cost $10 or so to get it to your door. Call our shipping department at 800-579-0580. We can also supply to Sioux Falls Motorcycle Shops so call us to get your account qualified today!

Note: In typical Harley Davidson motorcycles our single product the MCV 20W-50 can be used in all three sumps OR we also have Primary and Transmission specific products. Call any time with your questions.


Z-ROD® Keeps Classic Vehicles Street-Ready

Vintage Car and Cam Wear Problems Solved – Zinc Fortified Motor Oils

After this long Sioux Falls winter, making the transition from storage to the street can be an anxious time for classic car owners. Even after extensive preparations, doubts may linger whether a prized vehicle has been effectively protected during a period of inactivity. Many owners now look to modern technology to keep vintage hot rods and muscle cars performing at a high level on the street and fully protected during storage.

Protecting engines designed decades ago- and engines modified for increased performance- can be challenging. From flat-tappet cams and splash-lubricated components to the toll of periodic storage, unique issues must be addressed.

Amsoil Z-Rod high Zinc oil

Flat-Tappet Cams and ZDDP

The design of flat-tappet cams makes them especially vulnerable to wear. As the name indicates, the tappet- or lifter – is flat. During operation the surface of the cam lobe slides rapidly over the surface of the tappet, producing high friction and temperatures. The camshaft and lifters are responsible for triggering the precisely tuned movements of the valve train. Here, the use of anti-wear additives becomes crucial.

Stop Cam Wear – No Aftermarket Oil Additives Needed

Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) is a commonly used motor oil additive that provides anti-wear protection and minimizes lubricant breakdown. ZDDP also exhibits mild extreme-pressure protection. As temperatures in an engine rise, ZDDP decomposes, and the resulting chemistry protects critical metal surfaces.

Without the protective film barrier provided by ZDDP, the cams and lifters wear from the force of operation, negatively affecting cam and valve operation. Because most V-8 engines of the muscle car era came standard with flat-tappet cams, the problem is prevalent to classic-car and hot rod owners.

In these applications, modern oils, such as AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, are capable of providing adequate wear protection after the engine has been broken in. But due to variables like severity of service and level of modification, AMSOIL primarily recommends high-ZDDP oils in these applications, such as Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil. When breaking in a rebuilt or high-performance engine, AMSOIL recommends AMSOIL Break-In Oil, which contains high levels of ZDDP for added protection.

Rust and Corrosion

Moisture can be as devastating an engine contaminant as dirt or sludge. Vehicles subjected to long-term storage are especially vulnerable to humidity-driven rust and corrosion. AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with a unique blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure maximum protection during storage.

AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil (ZRTZRF)

  • 10W-30 and 20W-50
  • Protects flat-tappet cams
  • Long-term rust and corrosion protection

AMSOIL Break-In Oil (BRK) SAE 30

  • Quickly seats rings
  • Protects vital parts from wear
  • Increased film strength

Other AMSOIL Motor Oils containing substantial Zinc levels for Gas & Diesel engines

Call about any of these oils by calling us at 800-579-0580

Or visiting the Sioux Falls store at 47073 98th St. Also find AMSOIL at Stan Houston’s on 12th St!!