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Motorcycle Oil for your Motorcycle?

Motorcycle Oil for your Motorcycle? Ok, so it’s different but what makes AMSOIL better?

Motorcycle engines and automotive engines function differently, and the lubricants that service them have different requirements. Six crucial differences between motorcycle and automotive engines are outlined below to illustrate why oil engineered for motorcycles is the best choice for your bike.

  1. Operational Speed: Motorcycles tend to operate at engine speeds significantly higher than automobiles. This places additional stress on engine components, increasing the need for wear protection, and subjects lubricating oils to higher loading and shear forces. Elevated operating rpm also promote foaming, which can reduce an oil’s load-carrying ability.
  2. Compression Ratios: Motorcycles tend to operate with higher engine compression ratios than automobiles, which places additional stress on engine components and increases engine operating temperatures, placing greater demands on motorcycle oil to reduce wear. Higher operating temperatures also promote thermal degradation of the oil, reducing its life expectancy and accelerating the formation of engine deposits.
  3. Horsepower/Displacement Density: Motorcycle engines typically produce more horsepower per cubic inch than automobile engines, which exposes the oil to higher temperatures and stress.
  4. Variable Engine Cooling: In general, automotive applications use a sophisticated water-cooling system to control engine operating temperature. Similar systems can be found in motorcycle applications, but most are air-cooled or use a combination air/oil design. Operating temperatures in air-cooled bikes can skyrocket in stop-and-go traffic, promoting oxidation and causing oil to thin, reducing their load-carrying ability.
  5. Multiple Lubrication Functionality: Many motorcycles have a common sump supplying oil to both the engine and transmission. In such cases, the oil is required to meet the needs of both the engine and the transmission gears. Many motorcycles also incorporate a wet clutch within the transmission that uses the same oil.
  6. Inactivity: Whereas automobiles are used on a daily basis, motorcycle use is usually periodic and, in many cases, seasonal. These extended periods of inactivity place additional stress on motorcycle oils. In these circumstances, rust and acid corrosion protection are of critical concern.

No matter the conditions or the bike, AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oils deliver the premium protection and performance your bike deserves. They are designed to control oxidation and maintain viscosity at higher temperatures, promote consistent clutch feel and lengthen clutch life, reduce engine stress and control wear and deposits in high-compression, high-temperatures motorcycle applications. V-twin or metric, AMSOIL has you covered.

Now for the Extreme test!! Hold on to your hat for this one, I was so impressed by this I thought I would grab the text from this AMSOIL brochure. So glad AMSOIL added this whole testing wing to the AMSOIL Center with bays capable of doing multiple tests at once. Watch the video which demonstrates the test laid out within the paragraphs.

red hot dynamometerV-Twins Get Hot

Harley-Davidsons* and other bikes with big V-twin engines generate significant heat, especially in low-speed parades, in rally traffic or on long climbs on hot days. Motor oil plays a critical role in cooling these big air-cooled engines, and even more so in low-speed operation with limited wind generated to cool the bike. If the oil can’t withstand the heat, its ability to protect your bike is compromised.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Protects in Extreme Heat

To demonstrate its extreme-heat protection qualities, AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil was subjected to a dynamometer test designed to simulate conditions even more extreme than the demanding stop-and-go driving conditions of a motorcycle rally or parade route.

A 2012 Harley-Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob* motorcycle equipped with AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil was subjected to a strenuous low-speed test cycle, with significant idle time broken by short bursts of engine revving and little to no air moving across the cylinders. Like most Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Dyna Street Bob features an air-cooled V-twin engine, which relies on cooling fins arrayed along the cylinder walls to conduct heat away. To create the most-severe operating conditions possible, the electronic temperature controls, which safeguard the motorcycle when temperatures reach dangerous levels, were deactivated. The combination of low airflow and inoperative temperature controls allowed the test lab to subject the oil and engine components to intense heat not normally experienced in the real world. Cylinder temperatures reached more than 500°F, and oil temperatures exceeded 300°F – temperatures well into the range where oils begin to break down and often lead to catastrophic failure.

500°F is No Problem The extreme temperatures were no match for AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. After nearly 70 minutes of torturous testing and heat exposure, oil analysis revealed no change in oil viscosity and only minor levels of oxidation, TBN depletion and wear (see graphs).

Dyno Test Results

Not only did AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil prevent the engine from overheating and seizing during the extreme dyno test, it did so without losing chemical integrity or ability to protect vulnerable engine components. This stands as further proof that AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil provides outstanding protection in even the most compromising and severe high-temperature riding and idling conditions, providing peace of mind that your air-cooled V-twin is protected even in low speeds on hot days. Your bike should never get this hot. If it does, AMSOIL has you covered.

Amsoil 20W-50 motorcycle oil Viscosity and Oxidation tests Amsoil 20W-50 motorcycle oil TBN (Total Base Number) and wear metals test results

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AMSOIL Official Oil of Sturgis – 8 Years

Once again AMSOIL is the official oil of the Sturgis Rally. As we are within the travel dates I would like to remind you to stop in the store! We have plenty of inventory and our best sellers – The 20W50 motorcycle oil and the Octane Boost.

Not to mention the Nano-fiber oil filters which are incomparable as they offer twice the capacity and are 100% at 20 microns – something only nanofiber filters can claim.

We will be closed August 3rd, 4th, and 5th so be sure to visit now or after Wednesday. Save your engine from temperature stress now and enjoy better performance. And as we have shown – AMSOIL will save your transmission from the typical wear as seen from the others.

Here are the details from the Rally page:

AMSOIL has been a leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972 and the company’s motorcycle oils and premium filter products are distinguished by their excellence. Be sure to drop by the AMSOIL booth on Main Street just east of Junction Avenue. At the AMSOIL booth you will find information on how you can purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale, product information, motorcycle oil, oil filters, air filters and more.

Bikers wishing to have AMSOIL products installed while in Sturgis can visit Mad Dogs HD Performance at the corner of Junction and Sherman Street or at Exit 55 in Rapid City.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are the world’s most advanced oils for V-Twin and metric bikes, including those from Harley-Davidson. The state-of-the-art oil, which was formulated with high performance additive technology, provides exceptional multi-functional benefits for the special requirements of motorcycle applications including unsurpassed protection. AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil helps bikes achieve optimal performance for hot-running engines, transmissions and primary chain cases.

Benefits include:

Improved Transmission Protection – smoother shifting.
Excellent Wet Clutch Performance – no slipping!
Excellent Corrosion Protection – protecting your engine better.
Outstanding Heat Resistance – Your bike runs cooler!
Excellent Value for Cost Effective Performance – more bang for your buck.\

PLACES to change your oil while in the Sturgis – Rapid City areas:

  • Mad Dog Custom Cycles – Sturgis: Intersection of Junction Ave & Sherman St (across from HD)
  • X-Treme Bikes / AMSOIL X-Press – Rapid City: Exit 55 on I-90 (near HD Rapid City)
  • Flying Tire Motorcycle – Deadwood: Steel Wheel Trading Post (6 mls south on US 385)
  • Easy Eddie – Sturgis: Buffalo Chip Vendor Row
  • John Todd – Sturgis: 2311 Park Ave, Sturgis (across from McDonalds)

OR by City:


  • Mad Dog Custom Cycles – Intersection of Junction Ave & Sherman St (across from HD)
  • John Todd – 2311 Park Ave, Sturgis (across from McDonalds)
  • Easy Eddie – Buffalo Chip Vendor Row

Rapid City:

  • X-Treme Bikes / AMSOIL X-Press – Rapid City Exit 55 on I-90 (near HD Rapid City)


  • Flying Tire Motorcycle – Steel Wheel Trading Post (US 385, 6 mls S. Deadwood, SD)

Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost Q&A

One product we see a lot of return sales is of the MOB (Motorcycle Octane Boost) The chemistry differs from the car version and really makes for a punch when temperatures are climbing. It cleans and raises octane all at once.

What is AMSOIL Motorcycle Boost (MOB) and what benefits does it provide?

AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost is a fuel additive designed to increase octane in fuel. Higher octane fuel can lead to more powerful and efficient engine operation. Motorcycle Octane Boost also cleans combustion chamber deposits for increased performance at startup and helps eliminate engine ping or knock for more power at low RPM acceleration.

How much boost does AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost provide?

AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost typically responds better in lower octane fuel and in fuel that contains ethanol. When treated at 1.3 fluid ounces per gallon in 92.6 Research Octane Number (RON) unleaded gasoline with 10% ethanol, Motorcycle Octane Boost increases fuel up to 3 RON, boosting 92.6 RON fuel up to 95.6 RON.

Is AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost compatible with catalytic converters and oxygen (O?) sensors?

Yes, at the recommended treat rate Motorcycle Octane Boost is registered with the EPA and is safe for use with catalysts and O? sensors.

What is the treat rate for AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost? Are there are issues with overtreatment?

One 4 ounce bottle of AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost treats four to six gallons of gasoline. Slight overtreatment causes no issues, but significant overtreatment is not recommended.

How does AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost help improve fuel economy?

 Deposits frequently form in motorcycle engines and Motorcycle Octane Boost contains active detergents that clean deposits in combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems, helping improve fuel economy and overall performance. Motorcycle Octane Boost also helps protect fuel delivery systems from corrosion.

What is the primary market for AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost?

Motorcycle Octane Boost is primarily recommended for use in four?stroke air? or liquid?cooled motorcycles. Motorcycle Octane Boost is formulated for motorcycles manufactured by: Harley?Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati (Tell Ducati of Sioux Falls we said Hi), BMW, Triumph and all other four?stroke motorcycles. It may be used in off?road applications, including ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles, as an alternative to DOMINATOR® Octane Boost (AOB).

Is AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost compatible with other fuel additives? Does fuel need to be stabilized for storage when using Motorcycle Octane Boost?

Yes, Motorcycle Octane Boost is compatible with other AMSOIL fuel additives, including Quickshot (AQS) and Gasoline Stabilizer (AST). Motorcycle Octane Boost does not contain a fuel stabilizing agent. AMSOIL recommends treating fuel with Gasoline Stabilizer for long?term storage.


Stop in the store and try AMSOIL products in your motorcycle today
We’re at 4610 W. 12th street just next to the Wendys. Call us at 402-933-3902

Protect you motorcycle from blistering heat

The AMSOIL motorcycle oil line is over-engineered to provide protection in the most severe circumstances. Any quality oil will enhance performance to a degree where the rider will notice right away. Things which alert our customers attention is easier start-up, smoother and freed’-up idle. Noticeably smooth acceleration especially under loads and higher RPM. And of course the lack of clutch fade when the oil starts to get to the end of its service life. With AMSOIL you will not experience clutch fade.

We now carry a number of products from 20W-50, 10W-40, 20W-40, 10W-30, SAE60, Special supercross spec dirt bike oils in the 40, 50 and 60WT lines. And our ATV lineup which also has specific products for Polaris.

Products for all makes are specified on the bottles. The more popular ones are also available in gallons.

If you work on bikes or own a service center stocking AMSOIL is a must. If you believe in the quality of your own service nothing will support or compliment your work as AMSOIL will. It’s the product used by the pros. Even Eric Buell requires any shop selling his bikes to have AMSOIL on hand as other oils actually resulted in poor performance per his own words.

Amsoil protects air cooled engines under intense heat

Harley motor under intense heat test – no cooling!

 Torture test:

Are you ready for the summer heat?

AMSOIL’s Central Page on Motorcycle Oils – datasheets and more data

All products are in stock on the Sioux Falls store.


Your bike should never get this hot. If it does, AMSOIL has you covered.

Your bike should never get this hot. If it does, AMSOIL has you covered.