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See why Tiffany Stone is Into Jeeps

So just why is it that Tiffany Stone is Into Jeeps

And who is Tiffany Stone I guess is the first question?

Spot Tiffany Stone at any event and you know you’re in good company.

Her infectious enthusiasm and likability draw attention no matter if she is at an American Rally Association race or at King of the Hammers, where we recently caught up with her.

It’s no wonder we chose her for our February Company of Enthusiasts feature.

How Tiffany Stone got her start

Stone started out as an umbrella girl for Toyo Tires.

She then transitioned to Chrysler as a presenter, where she learned about the history and heritage of the Chrysler corporation.

Eventually she entered the off-road scene as an event host for TORC races, which led her out west into the desert. There, she immersed herself in the world of Ultra-4 trucks and developed her passion for building off-road vehicles.

See more on her story below.


When catching up with Tiffany Stone at King of the Hammers, we asked her to give us a few #TStoneRules to live by.

Check out some of our favorites below.

#81) Your fears are just a state of mind. Don’t ever let them define you. You define your fears!

Traveling along with the Trail to Sema in 2018, Stone found herself driving her Jeep along the Moab Rim, a trail that’s not for stock vehicles or inexperienced drivers.

Stone used this experience to help conquer her fear of heights and fuel her adrenaline.

#36) When someone tells you to suit up for the job, you suit up. Never miss an opportunity to grow.

Whether riding in a pace truck or pre-running with a T1 team during King of the Hammers, Stone is up for the challenge. She never misses an opportunity to immerse herself in the job at hand to learn and grow.

#20) When some of your happiest moments are spent at the race track, you know you’re doing something right.

And that does seem to be where Stone is her happiest. From Crandon to Portland International to Hammertown, you’ll find her slaying interviews and bringing you all the behind-the-scenes action.

#1) You’re awesome. Remember that.

No explanation needed.

Up next for Ms. February is the Mint 400. Stay tuned to our Instagram stories to catch her in action!

An Eye for Detail Sets Kenny Hauk Apart

Performance From Paper to Real Life is Kenny Hauk’s Specialty


Kenny Hauk has built a solid reputation as a premier vehicle builder by virtue of not just doing a job, but doing it well and getting it right.

That keen attention to detail has launched a career that started in construction and has culminated in an impressive portfolio of high-end custom vehicles unlike any others. His work speaks for itself and lends new meaning to the term “performance-driven.”

Check out his trademark 1947 Dodge Power Wagon.


Watch it all go down on “Hauk Machines”

Hauk’s latest build is sure to reset the bar for performance. As dramatized in the season-three premier of “Hauk Machines,” Hauk’s crew tackles a rebuild of a 1974 Unimog for his clients at Bilstein Shocks. Check it out here.



Kenny Hauk visits AMSOIL for the Hellephant

While you’re at it, watch the previous two seasons of “Hauk Machines.”

Episode 11 of season two documents the trip Kenny Hauk and his crew made to AMSOIL headquarters here in Superior, Wis., to test out their Hellephant crate engine in the AMSOIL dyno.

It was an exciting time for our mechanical lab team to work alongside Hauk as they pushed the engine toward their goal of 1,000 hp. It did not go without incident.

Check out our behind-the-scenes look at how it all went down.

Hauk never fails to disappoint with the quality of his builds and his attention to detail. Learn more about how Kenny Hauk came to be a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of off-road builds.