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To better target landscapers, contractors and other professionals who rely on small engines to make a living, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Synthetic Small Engine Oil (ASE) has been updated with a new name, label and packaging. Its formulation remains unchanged. Its current pricing remains in effect until April 1, at which time it will be updated to the pricing shown on the facing page. New labels will become available as current inventory is depleted. Launching March 6, new AMSOIL 20W-50 Zero-Turn Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid (AHF) and AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil (ASF) round out the new family of AMSOIL commercial-grade products.

Landscapers, contractors and other professionals are some of our best potential customers. They’re under tremendous pressure to complete jobs on time and up to standards, which spurs them to seek products that help them safely cut costs without affecting quality.

AMSOIL products offer the perfect solution. To drive that point home and help expand your opportunities, we’ve introduced a new line of commercialgrade products that help professionals cut costs through maximum equipment power and service life.

Power Play

On a job site, power equals efficiency. Few pieces of equipment in a landscaper’s arsenal embody this axiom like the zero-turn or stand-on mower. Next to their truck, it’s the most expensive piece of equipment they own. These workhorses allow crews to quickly produce professional-looking lawns and grounds through a combination of precision, power and speed.

Showing professionals how you can help them maintain power in their mowers and other equipment is one of your most important steps toward turning prospects into customers. Mowers and equipment that wear out and suffer power loss increase the amount of time and effort needed to complete jobs on time, forcing crews to work even harder and faster to stay on schedule.

Continuous operation in hot, dirty conditions can lead to deposits and wear that reduce engine compression, robbing the engine of power. Over time, mowers become less efficient, require more maintenance and eventually wear out altogether.

Clean, Protected Power

AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil’s purpose-built formulation protects against wear, heat and carbon deposits, outperforming conventional oils. It’s designed to maintain power and promote long equipment life for professionals who depend on small engines to make a living. As shown to the right, it helps eliminate power-robbing deposits and wear in severe service, helping preserve power and boost profitability.

Fights Deposits & Preserves Power Better than Competitive Products

The piston and rings are virtually free of deposits
and wear after 500 hours of severe-service
testing in the Kawasaki* FX 730 V engine.

Specialized Transmission Fluid

Hydrostatic transmission performance is just as important to job-site efficiency as engine protection. Many professionals may be using a traditional motor oil in their hydrostatic transmissions instead of a purpose-built transmission fluid. Motor oils, however, may not deliver the smooth control and responsive power operators need to complete jobs quickly.

Oil pressure drives the wheel motors in most zero-turn mowers, meaning professionals must use a shear-stable fluid that resists viscosity loss and wear to ensure best performance. However, the intense heat – up to 230ºF – and shearing conditions common to hydrostatic transmissions can cause some fluids to thin, which reduces oil pressure. In addition, wear can open the tight tolerances inside the transmission, further reducing oil pressure. Operators soon notice one mower wheel moving more slowly than the other, which requires constant correction to mow in a straight line, or the mower slowing down altogether and becoming less responsive.

AMSOIL 20W-50 Zero-Turn Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid is specially built to solve this problem. Its synthetic, highzinc formula fights wear and resists thinning, helping maintain mower speed and responsiveness better than motor oils. It lasts up to 2X original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations, helping save time and money.





• Although the family of commercialgrade synthetic lubricants works great for homeowners, focus your time on landscapers, contractors and others who rely on their equipment to make a living. They’re more likely to buy a premium product.

• Sell the products’ ability to maintain equipment power and cut costs. These are the benefits professionals value most.

• Showing potential customers how they can cut costs 50 percent or more using SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (see sidebar) is a great way to start a business conversation that may lead to sales of other products.

• When talking to potential customers, don’t lead with a technical discussion about the results of the new SABER Professional testing. First, create curiosity by asking good questions, such as, “Do you have any equipment that requires more maintenance than others?” Their answer may naturally lead you to show them how SABER Professional reduces carbon and maintains engine power.

• View the Dealer Sales Brief in the Dealer Zone (Training>Training Materials>Dealer Sales Briefs) for more selling strategies.

New Data Bulletins and Technical Study The Synthetic Small-Engine Oil and Zero-Turn Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid data bulletins cover the products’ features, benefits and technical properties.

10W-30 and 10W-40 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil Data Bulletin Stock# Qty. U.S. Can. G2217 25 4.10 5.60

20W-50 Zero-Turn Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Data Bulletin Stock# Qty. U.S. Can. G3471 25 4.10 5.60

ECHO* 100:1 String Trimmer Technical Study Stock# Qty. U.S. Can. G3470 25 1.05 1.45


Using a leaner mix ratio than the 50:1 ratio typically recommended by manufacturers can translate into significant savings. For this strategy to work, however, the oil must protect modern, hot-running two-stroke equipment from the negative effects of heat, including wear and power-robbing exhaust-port deposits. Otherwise, equipment becomes difficult to start and lacks sufficient power to get the job done, frustrating workers. Eventually, equipment can quit running completely.

The new ECHO* 100:1 String Trimmer Technical Study (G3470) proves SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil’s (ATP) ability to deliver clean, protected power at a 100:1 mix ratio, allowing professionals to cut oil costs 50 percent or more compared to traditional 50:1 mix ratios. Use these results to show potential customers how SABER Professional can help them save while delivering better protection. View the digital version free at


Handheld two-stroke equipment often has a spark arrestor screen on the muffler. As the name indicates, it prevents sparks from exiting the muffler and starting a wildfire. Hot exhaust gases flow through the screen, meaning oils with poor detergency can allow deposit formation. A plugged screen restricts airflow, reducing engine power and, eventually, causes it to quit altogether. In fact, heavy deposits on the screen from the string trimmer using ECHO Power Blend* XTended Life* Universal 2-Stroke Oil (above) prevented the trimmer from starting, requiring the screen to be replaced. SABER Professional, in contrast, virtually prevented screen deposits for clean, protected power.

Dealers needed; Norfolk, Lincoln NE, Columbus, Sioux City, & Yankton.

Expanding our regional AMSOIL Supply. Dealers are needed as well as Retailers in Lincoln, Norfolk, Sioux City, Yankton, Vermillion, and Columbus.

As we have just got our new “AMSOIL Van” and business has been booming here in Sioux Falls, SD, we have a ever constant awareness of customer dissatisfaction due to a lack of product in the satellite towns surrounding this region. AMSOIL dealers are needed in the following cities where we either had a dealer in the past or we get constant visitors in our Sioux Falls requesting supply in that area. Excellent part time or full time opportunities available in Lincoln (large demand – little supply), Norfolk, Columbus, NE, Mitchell, SD, Yankton, SD, Vermillion, Sioux City, IA and all points east and Watertown, SD.

AMSOIL store Sioux Falls

AMSOIL is a great work from home business. Or set up regional Commercial and Retail accounts!

Our Sioux Falls and Sioux Falls stores are having a tremendous effect in popularizing the AMSOIL Name. We are now getting calls from auto parts stores, lube centers, powersports shops and other garages to stock and carry AMSOIL.

Sioux Falls & Sioux Falls AMSOIL Delivery Van

A little more than a 3rd of our customers who shop in our store are from areas 20 to 100 miles outlining the region. Another segment of that we ship to thanks to the services of Speedee Delivery Services. AMSOIL had had locations in the past in the listed towns but for various reasons they currently fail to supply properly now.

AMSOIL demand in Lincoln, NE; Norfolk, NE and Columbus, NE.

In Norfolk for example our account closed his business to work in another industry but we continuously get customers who drive in from there to plan their purchases. Lincoln forever has never had a good reliable dealer in town with a full supply during regular business hours but for anyone interested we have several points of support in Sioux Falls and just north of Lincoln.
Norfolk, NE had a good sized steady AMSOIL following at a local European repair shop which is now closed. If you are in Norfolk and want to earn a 2nd income or even work full time serving the AG industry (AMSOIL has an organic fertilizer division called AGGRAND also.) Otherwise send us tips of any retail space at another existing shop to place our products in which works great. Customers want product during normal business hours.

Dealer and Retail outlets needed in and around Yankton, SD

Yankton, SD is the one in particular which we get the most outside sales from. Actually Worthington, MN is the leading satellite city but we have a automotive shop there now we supply to!  But Yankton having Lewis & Clark lake near by serves a large demand of campers, boaters, motorcyclists and the farming industry. An existing retail store would be perfect for AMSOIL but a dealer working from home would fit the bill quite well! Many opportunities so let us help you get started right away.

Sioux City is the largest city w/o ample AMSOIL supply but we see plenty of demand from there. Several dealers are needed and a couple retail accounts could make out very well with AMSOIL products. Sioux City like Sioux Falls is a major shopping hub for surrounding communities all with a higher per capita or power sports equipment as well as heavy duty off-road equipment.

Vermilion while it’s a smaller population not only could on its own serve quite the area but AMSOIL could be easily a household name due to the university and the fact that there aren’t a lot of other choices. A product like AMSOIL’s OE could flourish there. I also think a dealer there could get products at the highly utilized truck-stop “The Coffee Cup” at hwy 50 and I-29.

Dealers are needed in Watertown, SD

Watertown, while I don’t know too much about the area, we do get a good number of customers who call to order or stop by our store when in town. Seems a lot of powersports users are big AMSOIL fans especially the snowmobile owners.  Watertown would be a great place for a small business to add AMSOIL as an additional product line. Dealers are needed all over that region. I believe the demand there is greater than Brookings which I don’t hear much from.

Read all about the AMSOIL opportunity and earn income from sales through lube centers, automotive repair shops, diesel shops, fuel stops, and even supplying to fleets. Check out our AMSOIL dealer page and get started with AMSOIL University online.

As AMSOIL’s sales continue to break records (March we broke all our own records here in our Sioux Falls store) in overall sales the market reach is spawning new activity all over. Remember AMSOIL was created in Minnesota so it’s familiarity is well established in the region.  No town is too small for AMSOIL.  When you stock product AMSOIL puts you on the map not to mention our helping in getting you listed all over the internet. We have dealers all across the country. My next most busy areas are the Phoenix, AZ area, Lancaster, PA and Ft. Worth TX areas.  So we would also like to get dealers in Minneapolis which is way under utilized and wherever else. If you join us consider places you have other connections. There are no boundaries as a dealer. Let me help you with your sales strategy but our region is definitely a great place to have AMSOIL products on hand.

Find out more about Dealer Opportunities

Call us or visit my AMSOIL dealer opportunities page. Take the AMSOIL University part 1 test for free and get your business listed on the AMSOIL Corporate website. Start making money and being a steward of the best lubricants on the planet!  The Midwest and great plains are to a major degree becoming familiar with AMSOIL. It’s only a matter of supply!

Ches Cain

Call 605-274-2580 to discuss the options available!

AMSOIL Dealer Vehicle Graphics Van

Of course dealers are also needed in any town which there is not an accurate or readily available supply. Western Iowa towns such as Denison, Carroll, Atlantic, Shenandoah, IA


Become an AMSOIL dealer

Take advantage of this OMAHA AMSOIL location. Anyone who joins us as a dealer can use our store to add a side income without interfering with their present income or schedule. You may ask how can anything like that be so simple??

Well basically there are several levels one can take their AMSOIL business. The easy one which is what you can do here in Sioux Falls is a rare opportunity for anyone who likes to promote great products yet make some money doing so. Basically as we have the supply here, anyone who’s an AMSOIL dealer can use the leverage of the store and our marketing to sign up accounts. As a dealer you earn a bonus from any retail establishment, independent automotive or lube center, or any commercial business who uses AMSOIL in their vehicles by simply getting them to make available AMSOIL products in their business or use them within their fleet. All you have to do is direct them to the store and register their information with corporate through your account.  There are over 20,000 opportunities here locally.

Basically when they return for product to our store or you deliver, you earn a significant bonus from AMSOIL. Some dealers have hundreds of these accounts. You also help spread the knowledge about AMSOIL which makes it easier to sell.

This sample of our unique 2-sided flyer we can provide will help you accomplish this with the installer end.

Capture Accounts for your AMSOIL business

AMSOIL is spending millions on advertising and we are seeing incredible increases in demand. AMSOIL is also helping market with co-op display shelving and their corporate installer locator meaning any local retail accounts you have will be listed on the AMSOIL corporate website. As for installers the AMSOIL “OE” line of motor oils competes directly with other synthetics on price allowing the customer to have a better choice. Market studies show that younger customers would rater choose an independent oil over the larger corporate choices and AMSOIL has the highest trusted scores. The “OE” line also allows for better profits for these shops as well.

Other reasons to join us as a dealer is your option to sell directly to anyone. The local Sioux Falls store allows you to stock for your area w/o any shipping burdens. Outskirts such as Blair, Bellevue, Elkhorn, Fremont, Plattsmouth, Council Bluffs and anywhere else you may live or work can be a plus for your home business as customers want product when they need it so together we can eliminate delays.

So basically if you sign up multiple accounts you can service them or you can direct them to the store. We can take care of all the processing so you get your bonuses as they buy.

How to join as a dealer?

Just follow this link to be part of the Sioux Falls AMSOIL store and we’ll discuss the opportunity right away! Only a $30 membership to get started and you can start earning sales commissions immediately as you secure new accounts.

AMSOIL Brochure regarding Income Opportunities and programs for dealers.

As I write this I just proofed our new local Sioux Falls TV ad set to appear on the FOX-42 channel. We also advertise regularly on KFAB and a couple other related stations. It’s our goal to make AMSOIL a household name in the Sioux Falls area!! It’s a great time to join us as a independent AMSOIL dealer now.

Find out more on our main dealer page (and a newer 2nd one is being designed now).

AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ches Cain
Call me any time to discuss at 605-274-2580 or 402-933-3902

AMSOIL is also stepping up already excellent support and AMSOIL U on the road as well as online.