AMSOIL is perfect for Sioux Falls Automotive Service Centers & Independent Retail Shops.

All across the nation lube centers and small automotive retailers are adding AMSOIL high performance products to their floors. A recent 3rd party trending agency showed that AMSOIL ranked 10% for availability in lube centers nationally (shown in Oil & Lube News) and was requested over other independents when the product was in stock (among products like Royal Purple and Red Line) and had a 40% favorability index when customers were asked to rank it in shops where it wasn’t currently available but another independent product was.


amsoil_shelvingAMSOIL is the automotive enthusiasts oil. Having it in stock increases profits. AMSOIL products are in demand. They are premium products that deliver strong profits and help bring new customers to your business. Their quality and performance create lifelong repeat customers. Here at the Synthetic Warehouse we are making AMSOIL a household name in Sioux Falls.

Exclusive Distribution

AMSOIL products are exclusively available at small and regional chains to protect against predatory pricing. Carrying AMSOIL synthetic lubricants helps you stand out from the competition.

We Send Customers Your Way

The AMSOIL website receives more than 30,000 visitors each day, many of whom are searching for stores or auto service centers that offer AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Qualified AMSOIL retailers appear on the AMSOIL locater at, helping increase traffic through your doors.
Most customers will not buy lubricants online. In fact over 70% would only buy from established retail centers or service centers regardless of price.

add AMSOIL to your Service Center's line up

Advertising Support

To help drive customers through your doors, AMSOIL invests heavily in national television, Internet and print advertising, in addition to Official Oil partnerships with the nation’s biggest events and racing series – including Sturgis, Monster Energy Supercross, The Off-Road Championship Series (TORC) and a significant presence at SEMA just to name a few. Registering as an AMSOIL retail account and maintaining a minimum amount of stock qualifies your shop to receive AMSOIL promotional displays. AMSOIL also offers a Co-op Advertising Program for retail accounts. Co-op credit is earned according to the amount of AMSOIL products purchased. Co-op credit can be redeemed for print and broadcast advertising featuring AMSOIL products, or for AMSOIL promotional items or merchandising materials.


Although we have a full stock locally in Sioux Falls, AMSOIL’s retail accounts have FREE Shipping available from the distribution centers on any order over $300. This will come in handy when we are out of a particular product or if your shop is outside of the area and needing a load which is not convenient to drive to Sioux Falls for pick-up.

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If your Sioux Falls or Sioux Falls area shop or car care center wants to stock and sell or install AMSOIL products contact us directly at 800-579-0580 to get it set up. I will email you the price list and catalog at once. You can also fill out the form on this page as complete as possible.