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Sale of the Year = BIG Savings- September 13th through Saturday 16th!

Once a year and ONLY Once a Year we have a Sale!

Yes – this is the sale of the year – Starts today and runs through Saturday.  Mention this post and you save to the MAX!!

A true clearance sale. 5% to 25% off all AMSOIL products and up to 60% off of gloves and jackets. 

Propane refills are not part of the deal but Thursday is the Propane savings day anyway!

Come in between now and Saturday to save big on all AMSOIL products!

AMSOIL Oil Filter Shelf

Over Stocked Sale!!

Once per year we have a over stocked sale when we stock up from our yearly AMSOIL HQ visit..

Amsoil HQ in Superior

This is for the Sioux Falls store. Mark-ups are very minimal here so every added discount is rare but significant. Some items at or near cost. Also check out our clearance shelf for an added 5% off!!

Come in now for added savings on any item. Enjoy added percentages off from each AMSOIL product or case of oil.

The best savings is today through Thursday morning (20th). We will close at noon.  Then when we open back on Tuesday the 25th there will be more deals over the next 10 days!!

Jet Ski Oil