It’s well-known that racing is one of the ways AMSOIL motor oils are tested, proven and fine-tuned to become the exceptional products we stand behind. We don’t invest in racers simply to put the AMSOIL brand in front of fans; AMSOIL racers become technical partners.

The development of new AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil, introduced last month, offers a perfect example. AMSOIL-sponsored supercross and motocross racers identified consistent clutch feel as a key performance attribute on the track. At the time, there was no dirtbike- specific oil on the market that provided the level of clutch consistency professional and amateur riders need. Consistent clutch feel is critical to riders during race starts to keep the bike from lurching forward prior to the gate dropping. Trail riders, meanwhile, need consistent clutch feel to confidently navigate obstacles without having to shift gears and lose momentum.

Better Clutch Feel

Dirt Bike oils for clutch!

Armed with that information, AMSOIL engineers went to work. Clutch feel is inherently subjective, which creates challenges in designing a lubricant that delivers this benefit. To overcome that challenge, AMSOIL designed an extreme simulated-start test for dirt bikes. The test allows AMSOIL engineers to apply accelerated stress to a dirt bike’s clutch in order to monitor clutch feel produced by a candidate lubricant.

AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil was also subjected to extensive ontrack testing in the bikes of GEICO/ AMSOIL/Honda Factory Connection and other professional riders. This combination of rider feedback and lab testing resulted in the final formulation of AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil.

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AMSOIL research and testing results in products Dealers can rely on to deliver the benefits their customers can’t find in other products.

AMSOIL’s doing a great job marketing this line as customers have already been purchasing this product just as we opened our first box here in the Sioux Falls store! Please call to make sure we have what you need.


Here’s a good visual to how our product compares:

Amsoil's dirt bike motor oils save clutch material under hard use

Clutch Wear