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Toyota ‘Workhorse’ Clocks More Than 500,000 Miles

Toyota ‘Workhorse’ Clocks More Than 500,000 Miles

Toyota ‘Workhorse’ Clocks More Than 500,000 Miles

Fraser is a satisfied long-term PC who uses AMSOIL lubricants in all of his vehicles and equipment.

Preferred Customer Brock Fraser of Las Vegas counts on his 1998 Toyota Tacoma to keep his business on the road.

“This is a pickup I use primarily for work,” Fraser said. “I own a commercial printing and mailing operation. Frequently, I make runs to Phoenix and Los Angeles (600-mile round-trip runs each) to pick up loads of printed material to bring back to customers in Las Vegas.”

The truck, with its six-cylinder engine, and five-speed tranny, is a workhorse that consistently hauls heavy loads through hilly territory, he said. It had 70,000 miles on the engine when he bought it in late 2005. The odometer recently turned over to 508,000 miles.

Fraser first learned about the qualities of AMSOIL lubricants from a chemist friend. “(He) did a bunch of research and was telling me how highly he thought of AMSOIL,” Fraser said. “That is all it took for me to become a fan. That had to be a good 15 years ago.”

Fraser installed AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil when he first bought the truck.

“They say it’s impossible”

“I have always maintained oil change intervals of 25,000 miles with filter changes at 8,300 miles and 16,700 miles using EA15K51 filters,” Fraser said.

Every 100,000 miles he services the transmission and differentials with AMSOIL 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube. “The transmission has never been opened up and performs flawlessly,” Fraser said. “This engine has never been opened up. The heads are bolted in place as they came from the factory. The bottom pan has never been removed. She passes smog every year without fail and uses very little oil between changes.”

“You pay for the oil’s ability to clean and retail its detergents”

He is a satisfied Preferred Customer, he said, and now installs AMSOIL products in his lawn mower, his ‘86 Mercedes Benz 560 SL and his 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

Sold on AMSOIL – Now He Is A Dealer


How could it be you might ask? The answer lies in the devotion to manufacturing products of the highest possible quality and not reduced to increase profits. The position for a company to do that is risky these days but it’s why AMSOIL customers travel many miles to buy. About a quarter of our Sioux Falls customers come from areas over 25 miles away.

Dealer Robert Lolato of Orleans, Ontario, Canada has been a believer in AMSOIL products for more than 20 years.

He started using AMSOIL products in 1985. “I can tell you firsthand that my experience with AMSOIL products has been phenomenal,” he said. “Everything runs better and lasts longer. That’s why I decided in 2013 to become a Dealer — to help other people experience the benefits of using AMSOIL products.”

Loaded truck for towing

Lolato uses his 2009 GMC* 2500 HD Crew Cab* short-bed 4X4 diesel truck to haul a fifth-wheel camper. He installed AMSOIL Premium 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil (DME) and an Ea® Oil Filter at the first oil change.

At 50,000 kilometers, he installed AMSOIL synthetic lubricants throughout the drivetrain of the truck:

Front Differential: AMSOIL Severe Gear® 75W-90 Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Lube (SVG)

Transfer Case: AMSOIL Signature Series  Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL)

Transmission: AMSOIL Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL)

Rear Differential: AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Lube (SVG) All

Grease Fittings: AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease (GLC)

Fuel Treatment: AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean (ADF) in spring, summer and fall and AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow (DFC) in the winter months. When he tows the 12,000-pound fifth-wheel, Lolato uses AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB).

“My truck has 149,000 kilometers, and I tow a 38-foot fifth-wheel in the hot summer with no problem,” Lolato said. “And it starts in winter at minus 45 degrees without plugging it in.”

He changes the oil about every 15,000 kilometers, depending on fuel dilution. “I am getting better fuel mileage,” Lolato said. “There’s no lack of power, even when towing in hilly terrain, and it runs cool in the hot summer months when towing.”

His rig sparks interest and questions about the quality of AMSOIL products. “When people see my truck with the AMSOIL stickers on the back window, I show them the clean tailpipe on the truck and they can’t believe it’s a diesel. I also tell them the fuel mileage I get on the highway (25 mpg, not towing) and how cool the engine and transmission are when towing (78°C transmission, 100°C engine).”

Lolato also uses AMSOIL products front to back in his 2006 Mazda 3* hatchback with a 2.3L engine and his 2017 Hyundai Elantra* with a 2.0L engine.

Value Saves you Money

I’m always quick to correct a prospect when they say, “Well AMSOIL is great but only for those who are in the upper income brackets.” – Not true. Actually if I had to put a label on a majority of our “non-enthusiast” customers it would be the thrifty type who don’t let a dollar go to waste. AMSOIL saves money in so many aspects. Try and see for yourself.

Engine Flush – Most Overlooked AMSOIL Product

Engine Flush – Most Overlooked AMSOIL Product

Product Overview: AMSOIL Engine Flush

One of my top sellers of course is the AMSOIL Engine Flush but when you take a look at the number of oil changes we sell really only about 15% are adding the flush to their order. In reality at least 75% of all the oil changes that are using AMSOIL for the first time with over 25,000 miles should use it.
Among the many reasons to use a walk-in customer had the following to say:
“My truck  (Ford F-150 non-ecoboost) was using about a quart of oil every 4000 miles or about at 3-months. I used the flush on the last oil change per your recommendation on using it to neutralize acids in order to help the oil’s detergent last longer and low and behold it also stopped from then on using oil!”
AMSOIL Engine Flush – Recommended for any engine with over 25,000 miles (Order FLSH-CN)
Well then this low cost product actually ensures our detergents will last longer by neutralizing the acids which are caused by deposits. It’s designed for all modern seals and gaskets. So it helps you get more out of the AMSOIL motor oils. The flush is also non-solvent based – Non-flammable meaning it’s not harsh on engines and contains nothing different that what is already in our oil – essentially a concentrated form of the detergents and depressants. That also makes it more environmental friendly. The flush helps reduce lifter noise, increases mileage by improving compression. Effectively addresses deposits around piston rings which rob power and cause blow-by. Helps the motor control temperatures. And as we learned – lessons blow-by aiding in better crankcase ventilation.
You want to take care of any deposits early and the volatility of non-synthetics or competitor’s synthetics which are likely to be of the Group III nature can potentially leave deposits in engines which run under severe service. In most applications you only need to use it once but on higher mileage engines which you may not know the history you may find two applications are necessary – meaning one at the time of each subsequent oil change. I can personally attest to that need in my 83 Eagle which was sludged up when I bought it. Slowly using our HDD 5W-30 (high detergent Heavy Duty Diesel & Gasoline Synthetic), flush and our bypass kit (BMK-21), I have improved mileage and oil consumption significantly.
Any car with more than 50,000 it’s a must. Customers do notice a difference. Use approximately one bottle for every 10 quarts of oil.
Amsoil Engine FlushAnd a note on the conditions which will create the need to flush – Sioux Falls winters especially – every time you cut that engine off and the crankcase drops below 60 degrees you are building up moisture in the crankcase. This eventually creates a condition resulting in wear is the motor is not warmed up properly but subsequently deposits as well so we urge you be aware of this and avoid running the engine for less than 10 minutes after the motor is fully warmed on days below 30 degrees. You need to get the moisture out of the crankcase as often as possible.
So if you are not interested in AMSOIL Synthetic Motor oils, still this makes a reason to visit our store. Our flush is unique – it’s not harsh like popular solvent based ones as it contains no flammables. It is mild enough to be used as a transmission flush as well and quite effective. Full instructions are located on the bottle.

AMSOIL SEMA Feature Vehicle of the Week: Project Buttercup

2011 Subaru Impreza STI loaded with AMSOIL lubricants

Article by Jamie Jarvi – AMSOIL Inc.2011 Subaru Impreza STI flish with AMSOIL products

There’s something about Subaru that draws legions of fans to become lifetime enthusiasts of their rides. Maybe it’s because they are consistently a top-safety pick, or they come with features that make them capable of playing on any terrain. Whatever the reason, Subaru has a solid reputation and some of the most loyal brand followers to be found in the automotive realm. And when they set out to modify them, they often turn out to be some of the most head-turning and well-respected rides on the import tuner scene.

Chef Christopher Haydostian is the proud owner of a 2011 Subaru Impreza STI dubbed Buttercup. After making his purchase, Haydostian wasted no time in dressing up his ride with new mods and preparing for her entrance at SEMA 2011. Since then she’s steadily climbed the ranks to become one of the most highly-regarded Subarus on the scene, earning countless awards and becoming a fixture at SEMA since her debut. They’ll be back this year as a feature vehicle for XXR Wheels, this time with AMSOIL under the hood.

Read on to see what makes Buttercup so special, and how she landed a split second on the big screen in the epic tuner film Fast & Furious 7.

Congratulations on landing a spot at SEMA.
Thank you! This will be the 4th year for Buttercup to make a trip to SEMA.  She has been both a Feature and Booth car since her creation.

Your 2011 Subaru Impreza STI is well-known in the Subaru community. Tell us a little about that and why it’s so recognized among your peers.
2011 Subaru Impreza STI featuring  AMSOIL 5W-30Buttercup, my 2011 Subaru Impreza STI was one of the first 2011 Sedans built. She made her debut at SEMA 2011 and featured various new products and prototyped items. Since then, she has grown several times over. The most recognizable feature that Buttercup is known for is her Charge Speed Wide-body kit.  She was the 1st USA built Charge Speed Wide-bodied car. This was done with a partnership with Charge Speed Japan. Because of the rarity of the kit and uniqueness of it, she has grown very popular. Another reason why she is so recognized is that I show Buttercup all around the sport compact/import car show scene. She has shown as far north as San Francisco, as far south as San Diego, and as far east as Las Vegas. In all shows and in-between, Buttercup has been able to take some of the top awards in some of the most prestigious shows. Some of these awards are: Subifest (all Subaru Car show/event) Best of Show 3-years in a row, Spocom SoCal Best Subaru 3-years in a row, Spocom Norcal Best Import Other 2014 & Best Mitsubishi/Subaru 2015, Subaru Summer Solstice (All Subaru show/event) Best S3 Impreza (2013/2014) and Best of Show for 2015. These awards and more!

Is your vision complete or do you have more modifications planned?
As with any project, they are never complete. As for Buttercup, she is still ever-evolving and changing. As new ideas arise, I’ll look at implementing them. Currently Buttercup is going under another small revision for SEMA 2015. This will be v4.5 for this project.

How did it come to be known as Buttercup?
My username handle is RTechChef. What most people don’t realize is, I’m an actual Chef by trade. Building cars and marketing them is a hobby and passion of mine. Because of my job, I am absolutely in love with food. Everything I name or project I build, I try to associate food with it. Since finding the name it has grown to mean multiple things. She is also known as Princess Buttercup (think Princess Bride) as well as the beast of a hero from the Power Puff Girls.  She has also been referenced to a horse character from another movie. However you slice it, she is my little Buttercup.

You’ve received several ‘Best of’ awards with Buttercup. Any standouts?
I achieved my first “Sword” award from Spocom-SoCal.I will never forget my 1st Best of Show award with Buttercup. It was 2013, Subiefest. Subiefest was known to be one of the largest all Subaru gatherings on the west coast. To be selected from a sea of Subaru’s is quite the honor. It’s one thing to compete for the Best Subaru award when there are 10 or so cars competing.  It’s another to be crowned the best in a sea of 100+. The second best standout is when I achieved my first “Sword” award from Spocom-SoCal. Spocom is considered one of the most prestigious shows in Southern California. Their special “Sword,” award handed out to the best of class, is a highly coveted award many try to achieve.  In the past 3 years I have been blessed to be crowned Best of Show at Subiefest (2013/2014/2015) as well as Best Subaru at Spocom-SoCal (2013/2014/2015). Although these 2 events and awards stand out to me, all awards I have been given are a true blessing.

Buttercup was part of the Fast & Furious 7 production in the Racewars scene. How did that come about and did it make the final cut?
Friends in the industry got a call from the production company of FF7. They contacted me and a few others to present our cars. With a sea of cars to choose from, Buttercup was one of the few selected.  I was commissioned to loan the car to the FF7 production team for 3 days of shooting. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule I was not able to be on site and actively drive and offer up my car for several portions of the scene.  There is about a 1-second clip of the front of Buttercup that you can see in the film. I haven’t seen the behind the scenes footage yet to see if she made any marks there. Working with and being selected by the production team is always an honor.  I also had the privilege to work on the first Fast & Furious with another project of mine (a 1994 Honda Accord).  Working within Hollywood is always a great experience.

How did it feel being part of such an epic tuner feature film series?
There is always a special feeling to be part of something that becomes a large part of our culture. To be a part of the first was amazing, but it was even more amazing to be a part of FF7 with the importance behind paying tribute to Paul Walker. Often times, it’s hard to imagine I was a part of the franchise and even harder to imagine the loss of an icon of our industry. Paul will forever be missed and I’m happy to know I was able to work with him even in my small capacity.

Do you have any previous experience using AMSOIL products?
To be honest, this will be my first time using AMSOIL in any of my projects. From what I’ve read and seen, I am quite impressed with the company and products. It is my hope that I can continue a strong working relationship with AMSOIL and continue to use their products for all future builds and projects.

If you were given the vehicle of your choice and unlimited funds to modify it to your liking, what would it be?
That is one of the toughest questions someone has ever posed. 2011 Subaru Impreza STI loaded with AMSOIL lubricants Being a true car fan, I am a fan of all brands/styles/years/ of cars. There are some “top” picks in various categories of cars.  So not to say just one, I’ll tell you about which ones of the categories I love. For an SUV – Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (or HellCat version I hear is in the works). For a Wagon – Cadillac CTS-V Wagon (wish it was still made). For a Sport Sedan – I’ve always loved the BMW M5 and 4-dr GTR R34. For a Coupe – I’m a big fan of the Porsche Turbo, GTR, and Aston Martin DB9. For a Classic – a Ford ’32 Deuce is a dream car for sure. I know this doesn’t cover all lines, but hopefully gives you some idea of my passion.

Finally, tell us a quote or motto that describes you.
For those who know me, they will know that I always say, “Prepare for Otter Annihilation!”  It is my battle cry.

AMSOIL under the hood:

Signature Series 5W-30; Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter
Severe Gear 75W-90 Gear Lube
Pass. Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Engine Coolant
Dominator Coolant Boost
DOT-4 Brake Fluid; Multi-Vehicle Signature Series ATF
P.i. Performance Improver


Project Buttercup Sponsor Shout-Outs Continental Tires, Whiteline, XXR, X-Force Exhaust, Turbosmart USA, Snail Performance, Whistler, Deatschwerks. Also, a special thanks to my wife for her unwavering support.

Fun Fact: At more than 1.5 billion, only two films have grossed more than Fast & Furious 7 in the history of Hollywood. Fast & Furious 7 is third only behind Avatar (#1) and Titanic (#2).

 2011 Subaru Impreza STI cockpit





Testimonial: Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis Grease

AMSOIL Polymeric Truck Grease

Recently our customer Mike Ahlschlager reported pulling his truck with 1,200,000 miles into Dakota Alignment. The mechanic asked, “When did you change your king pins? We usually do that for you and there is no record for this one?”

Mike replied that he never had the need for service on this truck which the mechanic was totally puzzled. He says it’s because of the AMSOIL Polymeric Truck Grease. No matter the environmental conditions, the AMSOIL polymeric truck grease stays put. Even under constant water washout. Mike said since he started using AMSOIL all of his maintenance issues have decreased significantly or totally vanished!

Here’s the official data from AMSOIL regarding their revolutionary Polymeric grease.
Both the NLGI1 and 2 are stocked in the Sioux Falls AMSOIL Store.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease (GPTR1, GPTR2) delivers excellent wear protection and extreme-pressure performance over extended service intervals in medium- and heavy-duty applications. It combines select base oils, proprietary synthetic polymeric chemistry, an advanced additive package and a lithium-complex thickener for excellent impact resistance, reliable contaminant control and maximum longevity.


Extreme Impact Resistance
Greasable components on heavy-duty trucks and equipment regularly operate in severe-service, extreme-pressure environments. Frequent high-load operation increases the potential for grease to pound out, which can leave components vulnerable to increased wear and corrosion. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated to deliver maximum pound-out resistance. Its exceptional adhesion and cohesion properties help keep the grease in place to seal out water and contaminants and provide a protective barrier between metal components.

Long Service Life
Most trucking companies work to maximize the amount of time tractors are on the road, and inferior greases are not engineered to perform over extended service intervals. The long intervals truckers demand can result in components being left unprotected because the grease has squeezed out of place. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is engineered to remain intact for maximum protection over extended service intervals. Owners/operators can be assured their equipment is protected when the job demands additional time on the road between maintenance checks.

Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection
Over-the-road trucks and commercial equipment operate in all types of weather. Water, snow and ice are encountered regularly, and they combine with salt and other road-deicing chemicals to promote accelerated rust and corrosion on chassis and fifth-wheel components. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease clings tenaciously to metal surfaces, helping to keep rain, snow and other corrosive contaminants from penetrating greasable components. It is formulated with an advanced additive package designed to combat the harmful effects of roadway contaminants, helping components last longer and saving fleets money.

Maximum Extreme-Pressure Protection
AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is engineered for maximum protection in extreme-pressure applications. It features a sophisticated additive package and exclusive synthetic polymeric technology designed to provide long-term protection for heavily loaded components. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease’s high Timken OK Load and excellent Four-Ball Weld Test results prove its superior performance in extreme-pressure environments.

Ideal for Fleets
AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is ideal for mixed fleets that operate in severe service. It provides exceptional protection and long service life for a broad range of applications.

Cost-Effective Choice
AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease offers enhanced protection for extended component life, reducing replacement costs. In addition, its long service life reduces the need for frequent re-application (or requires less grease at each servicing), reducing maintenance costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact
Less-tenacious greases are ejected from greased components and pollute the surrounding environment. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated to stay in place for long service intervals, resulting in less grease pollution and reduced grease consumption. In addition, AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated without the use of barium, chlorine, antimony or sulfur, which are all potentially harmful to the environment.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is recommended for heavy-duty over-the-road tractors and trailers, delivery fleets, dump trucks, refuse haulers, utility fleets, emergency service vehicles, sewer and septic trucks, snow removal vehicles, wreckers, municipal service vehicles, equipment haulers, cement mixer trucks, airport support vehicles and more.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease provides exceptional performance in heavily loaded chassis grease points, wheel bearings, axle assemblies, universal joints, pivot pins, fifth-wheel hitch plates, steering linkages, spring pins, king pins, ball joints, water pump bearings and other greased heavy-duty components.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is compatible with many other types of grease. However, it is recommended that when changing greases, the equipment be cleaned of the old grease or flushed with a liberal amount of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease while the mechanism is in operation. Closely monitor the system for any inconsistencies. Any grease compatibility questions should be referred to your AMSOIL Dealer or AMSOIL INC.

*Note: AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease is designed to remain in place for long service intervals. The same properties that provide its enhanced tenacity can also make it harder to pump. A heavy follower plate may be necessary when pumping grease from larger package sizes. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is not recommended for automatic or centralized lubrication systems unless the system is designed to pump a tackier grease.