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Extended Drain Intervals

AMSOIL is Preservation Lubricant – Cars well preserved. Sold on Quality

AMSOIL Dealer writes to the Corporate Office in Superior, WI:

I read the article on “The Next Generation of AMSOIL Marketing” (January 2016) with great interest. I have never been a purveyor of extended drain intervals. I’ve been a Dealer since 1980 and my main interest in AMSOIL has always been reduced wear and engine cleanliness. I have used 15W- 40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil (AME) in my ’73 Porsche* 911T* since 1984. The oil consumption rate now is the same as when I bought the car in 1983. I change the oil once a year, but the car gets driven at most 1,500 miles a year.

Porsche 911T cared for with AMSOILThe main reason I use Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil is that years ago AMSOIL marketed it as a “preservation” lubricant. In fact, you used to tout that it met MILPRF-21260, which is recommended for preservation and break-in – perfect for engines that spend most of their time sitting, as with my old 911. I don’t see the “preservation” marketing angle being used for any current product. Why is that?

It’s interesting that AMSOIL is turning more toward the “car enthusiast” market segment. Many of us who own classic cars drive them less than 5,000 miles a year, but still change the oil once a year. I own a BMW* too, and it only sees European Car Formula 5W-40 Classic Emissions System Protection Synthetic Motor Oil (EFM) (which meets BMW LL-01). I change it every 6,000 miles and the filter every 3,000 miles. That’s less than half BMW’s recommended 15,000-mile change interval, but they’re in the business of selling new cars, not making them last so long as to have a negative impact on sales. The BMW is a daily driver and is driven about 15,000 miles a year. Here’s another BMW question for you. BMW requires use of a 10W-60 synthetic in their “M” series cars. Will AMSOIL be coming out with an oil that meets the requirements of that oil any time soon or is it too small a niche to be concerned about?

Keeps Volvo Turbo like newWe used AMSOIL Premium Protection 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil (AMO) in a ’90 Volvo* Turbo wagon that was my wife’s daily driver for 14 years. We sold the car with more than 305,000 miles on it, and it ran perfectly. It had the original engine, transmission and turbo. I did oil drain intervals on the transmission every 20,000 miles and used Signature Series ATF. We changed the oil every 5,000 miles as recommended in the manual. We replaced it with an ‘04 Saab* 9-5 Aero Sport Kombi* and use European Car Formula 5W-40 (EFM) in it just like our BMW. Oil changes are every 5,000 miles per the owner’s manual. Again, the reasons for using AMSOIL are decreased wear, consistent high levels of performance and excellent engine cleanliness. Extended drain intervals were never a consideration for me.

Doug Wright

AMSOIL: We’re glad to hear about your excellent experiences with AMSOIL products. Although Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil is an outstanding choice for preserving your Porsche 911T, the market is focused on wear protection, reduced oil consumption, engine cleanliness and reserve protection qualities, and these are the areas on which we concentrate our marketing (and it sounds like you do too). Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil, formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors that ensure maximum protection during storage, is marketed more as a preservation lubricant. Although you drive minimal miles, your once-per-year oil change is a sound maintenance practice as it drains out any contaminants that entered the sump over the past year. You are correct that the 10W-60 viscosity is a niche product.

Dealers needed; Norfolk, Lincoln NE, Columbus, Sioux City, & Yankton.

Expanding our regional AMSOIL Supply. Dealers are needed as well as Retailers in Lincoln, Norfolk, Sioux City, Yankton, Vermillion, and Columbus.

As we have just got our new “AMSOIL Van” and business has been booming here in Sioux Falls, SD, we have a ever constant awareness of customer dissatisfaction due to a lack of product in the satellite towns surrounding this region. AMSOIL dealers are needed in the following cities where we either had a dealer in the past or we get constant visitors in our Sioux Falls requesting supply in that area. Excellent part time or full time opportunities available in Lincoln (large demand – little supply), Norfolk, Columbus, NE, Mitchell, SD, Yankton, SD, Vermillion, Sioux City, IA and all points east and Watertown, SD.

AMSOIL store Sioux Falls

AMSOIL is a great work from home business. Or set up regional Commercial and Retail accounts!

Our Sioux Falls and Sioux Falls stores are having a tremendous effect in popularizing the AMSOIL Name. We are now getting calls from auto parts stores, lube centers, powersports shops and other garages to stock and carry AMSOIL.

Sioux Falls & Sioux Falls AMSOIL Delivery Van

A little more than a 3rd of our customers who shop in our store are from areas 20 to 100 miles outlining the region. Another segment of that we ship to thanks to the services of Speedee Delivery Services. AMSOIL had had locations in the past in the listed towns but for various reasons they currently fail to supply properly now.

AMSOIL demand in Lincoln, NE; Norfolk, NE and Columbus, NE.

In Norfolk for example our account closed his business to work in another industry but we continuously get customers who drive in from there to plan their purchases. Lincoln forever has never had a good reliable dealer in town with a full supply during regular business hours but for anyone interested we have several points of support in Sioux Falls and just north of Lincoln.
Norfolk, NE had a good sized steady AMSOIL following at a local European repair shop which is now closed. If you are in Norfolk and want to earn a 2nd income or even work full time serving the AG industry (AMSOIL has an organic fertilizer division called AGGRAND also.) Otherwise send us tips of any retail space at another existing shop to place our products in which works great. Customers want product during normal business hours.

Dealer and Retail outlets needed in and around Yankton, SD

Yankton, SD is the one in particular which we get the most outside sales from. Actually Worthington, MN is the leading satellite city but we have a automotive shop there now we supply to!  But Yankton having Lewis & Clark lake near by serves a large demand of campers, boaters, motorcyclists and the farming industry. An existing retail store would be perfect for AMSOIL but a dealer working from home would fit the bill quite well! Many opportunities so let us help you get started right away.

Sioux City is the largest city w/o ample AMSOIL supply but we see plenty of demand from there. Several dealers are needed and a couple retail accounts could make out very well with AMSOIL products. Sioux City like Sioux Falls is a major shopping hub for surrounding communities all with a higher per capita or power sports equipment as well as heavy duty off-road equipment.

Vermilion while it’s a smaller population not only could on its own serve quite the area but AMSOIL could be easily a household name due to the university and the fact that there aren’t a lot of other choices. A product like AMSOIL’s OE could flourish there. I also think a dealer there could get products at the highly utilized truck-stop “The Coffee Cup” at hwy 50 and I-29.

Dealers are needed in Watertown, SD

Watertown, while I don’t know too much about the area, we do get a good number of customers who call to order or stop by our store when in town. Seems a lot of powersports users are big AMSOIL fans especially the snowmobile owners.  Watertown would be a great place for a small business to add AMSOIL as an additional product line. Dealers are needed all over that region. I believe the demand there is greater than Brookings which I don’t hear much from.

Read all about the AMSOIL opportunity and earn income from sales through lube centers, automotive repair shops, diesel shops, fuel stops, and even supplying to fleets. Check out our AMSOIL dealer page and get started with AMSOIL University online.

As AMSOIL’s sales continue to break records (March we broke all our own records here in our Sioux Falls store) in overall sales the market reach is spawning new activity all over. Remember AMSOIL was created in Minnesota so it’s familiarity is well established in the region.  No town is too small for AMSOIL.  When you stock product AMSOIL puts you on the map not to mention our helping in getting you listed all over the internet. We have dealers all across the country. My next most busy areas are the Phoenix, AZ area, Lancaster, PA and Ft. Worth TX areas.  So we would also like to get dealers in Minneapolis which is way under utilized and wherever else. If you join us consider places you have other connections. There are no boundaries as a dealer. Let me help you with your sales strategy but our region is definitely a great place to have AMSOIL products on hand.

Find out more about Dealer Opportunities

Call us or visit my AMSOIL dealer opportunities page. Take the AMSOIL University part 1 test for free and get your business listed on the AMSOIL Corporate website. Start making money and being a steward of the best lubricants on the planet!  The Midwest and great plains are to a major degree becoming familiar with AMSOIL. It’s only a matter of supply!

Ches Cain

Call 605-274-2580 to discuss the options available!

AMSOIL Dealer Vehicle Graphics Van

Of course dealers are also needed in any town which there is not an accurate or readily available supply. Western Iowa towns such as Denison, Carroll, Atlantic, Shenandoah, IA


Synthetic DOT 4 Brake Fluid – The Best In Sioux Falls

AMSOIL dot-4 Brake Fluid for Racing

DOT4 racing brake fluidSuddenly we can”t keep in stock the DOT 4 brake fluid so I asked around. Seems at the RPM road course, the Subaru club, Autocrossers, etc – all are using our brake fluid. Thanks for the added business!

Anyway I did some searches and one forum they expressed how it does stay firmer under hard use compared to the Motul product. The department heads at AMSOIL located in Superior, Wisconsin are serious gear heads themselves and have all the knowledge and of course the drive to make the best version out of anything so why not brake fluid?

We have the typical DOT 3 and DOT 4 but in a synthetic version which can take moisture better w/o brake fade.

Check out the forum which had a review of our product the BF4-SN:

AMSOIL DOT4 Brake Fluid – Track Review!

Changing to AMSOIL Brake Fluid

And of course you can pick up a supply at our 4610 W. 12th St. store here in Sioux Falls. Most people buy three.

In the above review the customer says:

Pulled the car down to ~3280lbs and running either 310whp or 350whp depending on the event. I started trailoring the car this year as well, and that means I’m pushing it that much harder with the confidence of towing it home…just in case.
Mid-year I had a few offs because of boiled fluid. I think this was partially due to lack of airflow in the routing of my forge cooling ducts. But I really think the Motul should have handled it. One of these was a very scary departure where I left the track at 94mph (via traqmate) and was just fortunate there was enough runoff to slide to a stop.
I switched the car to AMSOIL engine oil. See thread HERE for more info. I also learned they had a DOT4 brake fluidthat was similar to Motul. Since I had some issues already with losing my brakes and/or a soft pedal and the constant need to bleed, I figured I’d give it a shot as the specs were very similar. So I called up our local forum expert – Andy (apagan01) on the forums – and placed an order.

Mitsubishi change over to AMSOIL Brake Fluid

My first event with the AMSOIL DOT4 fluid was last weekend at BlackHawk Farms Raceway in Northern IL – nearly Wisconsin. Blackhawk is known as a brutal track on the brakes so it was going to be a great test. It was also forecasted to be around 95+ with a heat index of 105+.
Not once the entire weekend did I have an issue with the pedal. I ran full 15-20min sessions (4-5 per day) and I ran them hard. I would have usually had a slightly soft pedal and would have spent Sat evening bleeding the brakes – but I didn’t bother. Instead just had a and relaxed.

He also says:

As the brake system heats up, brake fluids with low boiling points begin to vaporize. The brake pedal must travel further to apply the same amount of force on the brakes, causing a spongy feeling. If enough of the brake fluidvaporizes, brake system failure may occur. Brake fluid boiling points are measured on two separate scales:

Dry equilibrium reflux boiling point (ERBP) – the boiling point of new, freshly-opened, unused fluid.
Wet ERBP – the boiling point of a brake fluid after it has absorbed three percent water.
AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid is formulated with the best zinc-based anti-corrosion additives and pHstabilizers. It is designed for high-temperature stability, yet flows easily at low temperatures

The Product as available in our Sioux Falls AMSOIL Store:


AMSOIL Series 500 DOT 3 High-Performance Synthetic Brake Fluid and AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid feature pure base stocks and robust additives that resist boil-off and the effects of water contamination more effectively than conventional brake fluids. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids deliver superior high-temperature performance in auto/light-truck, high-performance, racing and powersports applications.


Water contaminates the brake system by seeping through microscopic pores in flexible brake lines and seals and through the reservoir fill cap when opened. Once inside, it quickly works to corrode brake parts, lines and seals, leading to eventual system failure. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids keep water in suspension, slowing its corroding effects. They lubricate and protect intricate braking components despite the inevitable water absorption associated with braking systems, delivering long-lasting performance.

Boil Off

The extreme pressure and high heat common to braking can push conventional brake fluid beyond its boiling point, causing it to vaporize, or ?boil-off.? Even more problematic, water contamination can drop the boiling point of conventional fluid below safe standards, accelerating the rate at which it boils off. This leads to a spongy or unresponsive feeling in the brake pedal. In contrast, the unique chemistry behind AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids increase their boiling point temperatures well beyond Department of Transportation (DOT) standards even when contaminated with 3.7 percent water (see chart). They maintain a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range and flow easily at the high pressures generated in today’s automotive brake systems to deliver consistent, safe braking. AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid features a wet equilibrium reflux boiling point (Wet ERBP) nearly 100°F higher than the DOT minimum, making it ideal for high-performance cars, motorcycles and vehicles used for towing.

ERBP Brake Fluid Chart

*Dry equilibrium reflux boiling point (ERBP)–the boiling point of new, freshly opened brake fluid.

**Wet ERBP–the boiling point of brake fluid having absorbed 3.7 percent water. Only 3.7 percent water contamination is often sufficient to reduce a DOT 3 fluid’s boiling point below the DOT minimum.

Typical Amsoil Brake Fluid Properties

Try out all our products for your race ready street car. Although we have racing oils that were originally made and intended for Formula 1 and NASCAR racing, our Signature Series is just about as good and is a common choice for constant road racing and autocross too.

Use our Power Foam to restore intake performance, PI in the fuel system, our Severe Gear was designed to solve thermal runaway on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and the products go on! Stop in the Sioux Falls store and see all the great products for all applications from power sports to commercial yard equipment.


Sioux Falls Autocross Supplies


AMSOIL Powersports Dept – Motorcycle Oil Leads the Industry

Sioux Falls motorcycle oil selection

From AMSOIL to our store in OMAHA – All your Power Sports and Motorcycle fluids, oils and lubricants are in one spot!

When you have been in business in a specialized industry as the true innovator, suppliers to AMSOIL know of their management as the most committed to quality with no compromises. In fact they will even tell you of all their clients they work with – that the AMSOIL staff is the best dressed, thus demanding respect. There are dozens of strict guidelines and tests in place that ensures quality will never waver. Price and logistics are never a factor when it comes to selecting or creating the best additives and base oils used in the processes.

This philosophy is essential to have the impressive results that AMSOIL customers recognize. Face it – as difficult as it is to find AMSOIL sometimes you have to recognize their sales numbers. The products have been listed by National Oil & Lube News as 10% of all oils requested at lube centers. This is huge when you consider the competition and cheap bulk oil rates these days and the fact that many of our customers only consider AMSOIL as a powersports product. (Yes they do!!)  Customers look toward independents now for quality and have lost trust in the large corporate mega-sellers who have to constantly re-brand to regain its base.

Dirt Bike oil for clutch and motor

AMSOIL knows that Americans take their leisure time seriously and performance and dependability is key in modern powersports equipment. OEM’s put pressure on customers to use their product and often violate the law by insisting their product must be used to maintain factory warranty. Although this is a major federal violation on manufacturer liability (they must provide maintenance products free of charge per the MagnusonMoss Warranty Act if they insist one brand must be used). Thus AMSOIL must exist in the industry as the leading product offering unmatched performance.

So this is the season for motorcycling, jet-skiing, boating and other powersports. But the motorcycle oils really have made the grade capturing the largest market share in the industry for an independent oil company. When it comes to motorcycles, AMSOIL addresses all the issues. Not only do you have available specific engine oils for all types of motorcycles & ATV’s but the fuel systems, drive train and even the paint finish is addressed.


Here is a list of key products in the Synthetic Motorcycle/ATV line up:

Reasons customers say they will continue using only AMSOIL products: (List specific to our motorcycle customers)

  • Measurable lower temperatures under load
  • Instant noticeable performance
  • “It freed up the engine” – I get that one all the time
  • Product lasts longer – more miles and the filter brings added peace of mind
  • Addresses issues which happen in storage – off season
  • No more feeling that the engine was suffering when idling long in traffic or pushed in high ambient temperature extremes. – No loss of oil pressure
  • Customers know AMSOIL’s tech is there for feedback to to discuss issues
  • Measurable increase in fuel economy
  • MADE in USA

We hope you stop in and try our motorcycle oils and lubricants and discover first hand why people swear by AMSOIL products!! You’ll feel it in the throttle!

AMSOIL Sioux Falls – 402-933-3902

We can also ship saving you money too!! We use Speedy Delivery which is usually 1-day so a case of oil may cost $10 or so to get it to your door. Call our shipping department at 800-579-0580. We can also supply to Sioux Falls Motorcycle Shops so call us to get your account qualified today!

Note: In typical Harley Davidson motorcycles our single product the MCV 20W-50 can be used in all three sumps OR we also have Primary and Transmission specific products. Call any time with your questions.