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Z-ROD® Keeps Classic Vehicles Street-Ready

High Zinc Vintage Car motor oil

Vintage Car and Cam Wear Problems Solved – Zinc Fortified Motor Oils

After this long Sioux Falls winter, making the transition from storage to the street can be an anxious time for classic car owners. Even after extensive preparations, doubts may linger whether a prized vehicle has been effectively protected during a period of inactivity. Many owners now look to modern technology to keep vintage hot rods and muscle cars performing at a high level on the street and fully protected during storage.

Protecting engines designed decades ago- and engines modified for increased performance- can be challenging. From flat-tappet cams and splash-lubricated components to the toll of periodic storage, unique issues must be addressed.

Amsoil Z-Rod high Zinc oil

Flat-Tappet Cams and ZDDP

The design of flat-tappet cams makes them especially vulnerable to wear. As the name indicates, the tappet- or lifter – is flat. During operation the surface of the cam lobe slides rapidly over the surface of the tappet, producing high friction and temperatures. The camshaft and lifters are responsible for triggering the precisely tuned movements of the valve train. Here, the use of anti-wear additives becomes crucial.

Stop Cam Wear – No Aftermarket Oil Additives Needed

Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) is a commonly used motor oil additive that provides anti-wear protection and minimizes lubricant breakdown. ZDDP also exhibits mild extreme-pressure protection. As temperatures in an engine rise, ZDDP decomposes, and the resulting chemistry protects critical metal surfaces.

Without the protective film barrier provided by ZDDP, the cams and lifters wear from the force of operation, negatively affecting cam and valve operation. Because most V-8 engines of the muscle car era came standard with flat-tappet cams, the problem is prevalent to classic-car and hot rod owners.

In these applications, modern oils, such as AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, are capable of providing adequate wear protection after the engine has been broken in. But due to variables like severity of service and level of modification, AMSOIL primarily recommends high-ZDDP oils in these applications, such as Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil. When breaking in a rebuilt or high-performance engine, AMSOIL recommends AMSOIL Break-In Oil, which contains high levels of ZDDP for added protection.

Rust and Corrosion

Moisture can be as devastating an engine contaminant as dirt or sludge. Vehicles subjected to long-term storage are especially vulnerable to humidity-driven rust and corrosion. AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with a unique blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure maximum protection during storage.

AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil (ZRTZRF)

  • 10W-30 and 20W-50
  • Protects flat-tappet cams
  • Long-term rust and corrosion protection

AMSOIL Break-In Oil (BRK) SAE 30

  • Quickly seats rings
  • Protects vital parts from wear
  • Increased film strength

Other AMSOIL Motor Oils containing substantial Zinc levels for Gas & Diesel engines

Call about any of these oils by calling us at 800-579-0580

Or visiting the Sioux Falls store at 47073 98th St. Also find AMSOIL at Stan Houston’s on 12th St!!

European Car Formula 0W-40 On the Sioux Falls Shelves!


Now in stock!

European Car Formula 0W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil European OilAMSOIL European Car Formula Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated for the lubrication needs of European gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks. Its full sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS) formulation provides excellent protection and performance for a wide range of vehicles.

AMSOIL, the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL The First in Synthetics® to do the best job protecting your engine.

Full-SAPS Formulation for Maximum Engine Protection
AMSOIL European Car Formula contains high-quality anti-wear additives and surpasses tough vehicle-manufacturer oil specifications. It provides outstanding protection in high-rpm, hot-running engines and delivers dependable long-term performance for the extended drain intervals recommended by European vehicle manufacturers.

Superior Engine Cleanliness
The excellent oxidation stability, heat resistance and detergency properties of AMSOIL European Car Formula help keep engines clean. It is specially designed to prevent sludge and varnish deposits, reduce oil consumption, extend engine life and provide maximum overall performance.

All-Season Performance
The broad 0W-40 viscosity rating, low volatility (burn-off) and wax-free nature of AMSOIL European Car Formula make it excellent for hot and cold temperatures. It helps reduce engine wear, control oil thickening and provide easier cold starts.

Excellent For Turbochargers
AMSOIL European Car Formula’s robust formulation delivers outstanding protection against the extremely high temperatures produced by turbochargers.

AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to meet or exceed the most demanding European specifications. It is recommended for European gasoline and diesel vehicles requiring any of the following performance specifications:

  • ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4
  • BMW LL-01
  • Mercedes-Benz 229.1, 229.3, 229.5
  • Porsche A40
  • Renault 0710, 0700
  • Volkswagen 502.00, 505.00

Service Life
Recommended for the extended drain intervals established by the vehicle manufacturer. Change oil filter at time of oil change.

AMSOIL European Car Formula is compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils. Mixing AMSOIL motor oils with other oils, however, will reduce the performance benefits.

Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL motor oils.

Sioux Falls AMSOIL Store Video

Sioux Falls AMSOIL Store

I thought I would make a quick video of the Sioux Falls AMSOIL location.

I also wanted to thank all our customers especially all the new ones that keep showing up. Last year we saw a good increase in sales but so far this year two out of three are totally new customers who were either referred by a friend (First time AMSOIL customer) or a long time user of AMSOIL who quit because of the lack of supply.


We wanted to turn that opinion around and not only provide for a good supply during normal business hours but make AMSOIL a household name allowing the products to become stocked in every shop and repair center in the area. That is our primary goal – AMSOIL everywhere!
Why not? It benefits all drivers and equipment owners no matter the budget or age of equipment.

Also if you are an entrepreneur and want to earn a 2nd income stock AMSOIL in your garage and fill the gap on the other side of town. That also increases the service you can provide to area businesses who stock or service vehicles with AMSOIL not limited to commercial fleets. Our store then serves as your warehouse. I have had to double the initial inventories just to keep up with surprises so I’m sure we can keep you covered.

Another thing I’m seeing is the increase of awareness by over the road trucking. Thanks to AMSOIL’s increase in national advertising we are seeing people stop in the store from Oregon, Idaho, Canada, Colorado and North Carolina just passing through on I-80 but they see our listings and drop in to get oil. Sioux Falls and our location may be the easiest off of any major interstate highway in the country to get product. The cool thing with truckers is they know which oil they need already but the store causes them to just want to stock up to eliminate any shipping costs and hassles. They never know when they will be somewhere long enough to receive an order. Because of this you have to keep on hand 5-gallon tubs of gear oil and a minimum of five of the 5-gallon diesel packs in every viscosity and type.

In summary the Sioux Falls AMSOIL store is planing ahead to be the main stop for all of those who are Do I Yourselfers and those who want to take their oil somewhere to be changed. We also have programs in place for those who do oil changes to stock our products and AMSOIL Corporate will also list your service on their website.

Oh – We just aligned with a Mobile Oil Change business called Lube N Go.  They immediately recognized the value and quality AMSOIL offers to busy Sioux Falls commuters who want to know the oil in their cars is held to the highest standards. Many choices available with their business so we are glad to have them aboard!

Ches Cain
Synthetic Warehouse
4610 W. 12th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 68137

Ordering after hours or out of state use our website:

Sioux Falls store video Transcript  (Don’t expect this to make a lot of sense without watching the video.

Video Transcript


Welcome – right now we are in the Sioux Falls synthetic warehouse our Sioux Falls AMSOIL location and location start to really pick up speed we get customers every day saying that they stopped buying AMSOIL and now that they’ve found a place that keeps everything in stock they’re coming in

We hear that every day.

Every day in our store to get accounts. People that didn’t know they can keep AMSOIL in their shops they’re coming in from mostly outside the area like a 50 mile radius outside the area so it’s taken about a year of the shop being here.


There’s our checkout counter & feature items. We’ve got all the chemical stuff up by the window – there’s some clearance sale items as we got the new stuff coming in. Um, ATV UTV products on the bottom. Over here we have all the transmission you could see here all the transmission gear products the cold air intake filters which are quite popular if you have them people do notice that discuss the K&N’s or the other ones that don’t stop dirt.

Just a display of the greases. Of course the whole range of oil filters and then back over here in the corner we have the power sports island here got the backup all of our motorcycle oils quick shot of course I must do something with this shelf – must expand it a bit.


Things for the summer right now the Saber Pro has really stepped up I started doing some blogging and putting this in precedence an now we’re starting to get lawn & garden type of business is coming in. This winter we did have a lot of snowmobile traffic so imagine this summer will pick up on the jet ski stuff I got all the marine products back here that’s been slow to pick up but we’re starting to move some of that. More backup supplies.

I got some Aggrand there.

I sell these Berkey filters -nobody else keeps them in town and just some various displays here we’re going to expand this more.

Got all the dirt bike oils on this table and they’re starting to pick up the new transmission fluid and the new 10W-40 here (their backup supply.)


Bypass filter display. This is our diesel rack we got the coolant we got every Bypass kit here I got extra hose and other parts in another spot. I have hats here but everybody wants a free hat – you get a case we’ll give you one!

We start here with the signature series and we go down to the all the classic car and hi-zinc, specialty products here so there’s a lot of quarts gallons, court cases and in other cases down here. Gallons are in the middle of course the European oil with its own area & OE that’s starting to pick up and then our best seller is the XL – we move quite a bit of XL lately so there’s that.


Then the diesel oil’s up too. All this stuff takes time, guerrilla marketing tactic that gets the word out without having to have expensive radio commercials and TV but starting to get a lot of mouth that way now.


So you see we’ve got everything here diesel fuel additives they just recently this winter started picking up a lot of the cold flow stuff the cetane boost that’s probably the best bargain for the money and the whole story that’s free money if you had a diesel truck and you’re not using this. You spend 20 bucks it’s like getting 25 back so we have that.


Back up supply for the whole store goes down here we got the whole line of the racing oil.

I have compressor oils that’s a staple item here in the store

GL4 – we move a lot of that by the way (75W-90 trans). Let me stand back you can see the grease display. So we have things that hang out on top –  these didn’t sell until we started getting them out where people could see them and then they sell regularly.


As a dealer you want to specify the bestseller multi-purpose grease high speed high pressure so we got universal multi-purpose Greases water-resistant best for trailers and equipment exposed to water I got the Arctic grease here and then behind this sign polymeric Grease best for heavy-duty use off-road most advanced Greece in the industry best for open bearings and hinge pins excavating equipment so people can walk in they can quickly find with any of course we ran out of room here we got the racing grease here racing grease combines all attributes of other grease high speed high temp extreme pressure and water resistance so a lot of people are confused they want a little bit of everything the racing grease has you covered course there’s a higher cost with that.


So you can save money by just.. I tell people to get two grease guns as the heavy duty and your big grease gun and then buy one of these small ones in use the water resistant for everything else or hand packing bearings or whatever here’s the Slip Lock and assembly lube over here – So that’s just a quick overview.


I have a storage room we keep our back-up supply but come on in any time where in Sioux Falls at 4211 South 12th Street or 84 and G open every day but Sunday! Thanks for taking the tour!


The Right Hydraulic Oil Can Make a Difference.

AMSOIL formulates a hydraulic oil for just about any operating condition.

Mike Caruso

Mike Caruso of AMSOIL

Although easy to miss, hydraulic systems are everywhere; without them life would become very difficult. Hydraulic systems may be as simple the floor jack in your garage or as complex as a crane. From machines and earth movers helping Sioux Falls to expand as a city to high dollar or vintage farm equipment out on the range.  Systems can be mobile, travel many miles to worksites, or others which spend their entire service life in one spot on a factory floor. Regardless of the type of system, they all operate in a similar fashion using the same types of parts. The hydraulic oil plays an important role in the health of each of these components and the overall smoothness and efficiency of the system.

Reservoir – The reservoir is simply the tank that holds the oil. On its way through the system the oil will spend a short period of time here. In that time, the oil has a quick opportunity to release air that’s gotten into the system so it doesn’t contribute to sluggish operation. All AMSOIL hydraulic oils have excellent air-release characteristics, maximizing this important benefit of the reservoir.  Another important function is to allow water to separate from the oil, allowing it to be drained. This is obviously most important for systems with larger reservoirs where draining can be accomplished easily.

Pump – The oil can’t be too thick when the machine starts in cold conditions. If it is, there’s a chance the pump will be damaged. On the flip side the oil can’t get too thin when the machine hits its highest operating temperature or excessive wear and poor performance can be expected. To ensure the viscosity remains within the system’s limits you can do one of two things. First, you could change to lighter or heavier oil depending on the conditions or, second, you could use a multi-viscosity oil to cover all the bases. The easiest way to identify oils that resist thinning and thickening is the viscosity index (VI). Oils with high viscosity indices resist viscosity changes with temperature far better than those with low VI. This fact can often save customers the expense and hassle of changing from lighter to heavier oil to meet the conditions. Most oil companies provide the VI number on their product data sheets.

Hoses and seals – Hydraulic oil must not chemically damage seal or hose material and should condition these materials to extend their service life.

Valves – Hydraulic valves are very close-tolerance items and even the smallest amount of varnish or dirt can cause them to bring a key piece of equipment to a halt. Keeping dirt out is simply a matter of good maintenance practices, but preventing varnish is pretty much up to the oil. Varnish occurs when oil breaks down under high-heat conditions. Just being synthetic helps AMSOIL hydraulic oils resist this breakdown, but we go beyond that with our HV Series Hydraulic Oil. These products are high-VI, multi-viscosity oils built with the ability to combat varnish formation. The product data page includes a graphic example of some high-temperature testing we’ve done against conventional oil.

Actuator – The actuator is the component that does the work. Everything else in the system is there to power and control it. As stated before, the common actuators are cylinders or hydraulic motors. How well they do their work often depends on the proper viscosity of the oil, so the same benefits that a mulit-viscosity provides for pumps are true for actuators. Now that I’ve covered the very basics of common components we’ll spend a little time on two of the most popular hydraulic oils we offer.

AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/ Transmission Oil (ATH) serves two functions simultaneously. It’s designed to provide correct frictional characteristics for transmissions and wet brakes while performing as a premium synthetic hydraulic oil. It is used in many types of popular mobile machinery and provides excellent all-weather capability. That means the equipment that operates smoothly moving gravel around the farm in the summer will perform just as well removing snow in the winter without changing the hydraulic oil. This, coupled with premium wear protection, adds up to savings for the customer.

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil has a solid track record of success. It exhibits high performance near the Arctic Circle as well as the hottest parts of the Deep South. Our Dealers have found a home for it in oil rigs, on ships, in mobile equipment and in large industrial applications throughout the U.S. and Canada. Not only does it provide all the benefits of multi viscosity oil, its unique ability to fight varnish formation has made customers happy by protecting high-value, critical systems.

As always, if you ever need technical recommendations, contact our Tech Services Department at 715-399-TECH or Or just call the OMAHA AMSOIL store at 402-933-3902

Synthetic Multi-viscosity Hydraulic Oil

Upgrade your conventional oil to AMSOIL to see and feel the difference! More work using less energy at all temperature extremes. Measurable wear and reduction in deposits as well as a reduction in downtime will save you money.

Call 800-579-0580 for wholesale pricing or to order via phone. 

Online ordering and PDF’s available here

Package sizes include:
5-Gallon Pail
Drums in 30, and 275 gallon.

Diesel Oil Selection Guide

Diesel Oil Selection Sioux FallsAMSOIL Diesel Oil Selection Guide

From a “one size fits all” to synthetic oils to match specific needs.

The diesel oil selection here often causes some confusion because they are made for different purposes and the value of one may depend on the use of the truck or the year model. So here I have listed some things about each for you to consider in your decision making process.
As diesel trucks both light duty and commercial OTR are quite the financial investment, always refer to the individual product data bulletin found by using the link to the PDF at the bottom of each product page for more specific information. Please call me at 605-274-2580 with further questions.

Generally the AMSOIL Diesel oils can be categorized in two groups: Longest OEM interval or Premium Extended Interval. These days Sioux Falls drivers can really put on the miles and AMSOIL’s Synthetic Diesel Oils can increase your drain intervals up to three times longer.

AMSOIL Corporate’s #1 Pick
I’ll start with the one one premium product compatible for all diesels – all years – The Premium 100% CJ4. Available in both 5W-40 (DEO) and 15W-40 (DME) this industry leading anti-wear diesel oil lasts up to 3X longer OEM intervals (per notes on package) and offers maximum protection. For more information on this important addition to the industry please visit the specific pages linked above.
Most customers buying AMSOIL are enthusiasts and only buy the premium products thus why this one is becoming the best seller on its merits. Primarily it’s ability to withstand the fuel dilution issues of modern diesel engines equipped with DPF. Dependability and protection when it’s needed.

Older Diesels
For those with older diesels who want our legendary high zinc, long life, chose the Diesel and Marine 15W-40 (AME). It’s great for all 2006 and earlier diesels especially those which may suffer from high soot buildup as this formulation can combat deposits. Be sure to first run a couple bottles of AMSOIL Engine Flush (per sump size) so the unneeded acids are neutralized an purged from the crankcase.  The DME 15W-40 is a CI4+ oil. It’s still my best seller. Guaranteed to last up to 3X longer the OEM interval. Awesome for older cars which require high Zinc or ZDDP. I use it in my 1957 Studebaker.

Best Economy for Older Diesels
For the same 2006 and earlier who want the very best in fuel economy and choose to use a lighter viscosity as recommended by the manufacturer the 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) 100% Synthetic is the best choice., Product code is (HDD).  I also use this one personally in vintage gas cars which need ha high zinc or ZDDP oil or gasoline engines that have a lot of deposits- this oil’s detergent package is superior to any! But if I had a pre 2007 diesel pick-up this would be my #1 choice. We sell a lot to older Durmax diesels and the Ford 7.3 owners in all climates.

Cost Conscious One Size Fits All (Original Equipment) & for Service Centers
For all diesel owners who are not doing extended intervals but want to use a premium AMSOIL product using the highest quality base-stock, this one is designed to compete on price. Choose the OED 15W-40 Diesel Oil. It meets CJ4 and is also back compatible for all CI4 and earlier specifications. For use in any year diesel new or old. Customers who are going to change oil at the OEM interval but want the  chose between the 15W-40 (OED) or 10W-30 (OEC) you now have a choice. Also popular to those who service diesel vehicles and want one product for all diesel service.

Tractors, Equipment and Fleets
Lastly our original 10W-30/SAE-30 Heavy Duty Diesel which is similar to the AME, High zinc (ZDDP) is generally the choice for work and construction turbo diesels or non-turbo tractors and equipment. Pre 2006 Diesel trucks wanting to use a 10W-30 would select this oil too. Generally the pick for all generators and skid steers as well. CI4 Diesel Specification or earlier.

European Car & Van
Many European diesels call for a diesel/gasoline oil based on specific specifications. For those please see the European Oil Line of products.

Oil Analysis Kits:

In the 12th St. Sioux Falls store we keep in stock the oil analysis kits so you can monitor your oil the most accurate way. Let the analysis company decide and report how much longer you can go between oil changes or filter changes (with our oil bypass filtration kits).  Learn the contamination cycles of your engine and maximize your time and efficiency.

Visit the AMSOIL corporate site to learn more about the most recent tests and trials of our diesel oils. You can also set up your own preferred customer account to buy at cost from. AMSOIL Diesel Protection Shopping Guides anywhere.