Do you trust your cold air filter element to protect your motor?

Your average OEM cellulose filter is excellent to good when compared to these oil wetted gauze filters. The easiest way to tell is just look for the word “nanofiber”. Of course that’s key but the matter in which the material is sprayed on is also significant.

Huh? Smaller Holes = More Restriction  Then How’s AMSOIL’s filter better?

Below is our new display built courtesy of one of our Omaha customers!

Comparing cold air intake filters with light.

It’s about the air getting around the dirt. Typically larger media is easier to clog whereas the nanofiber (used in clean rooms) allows the air to continue to go around the dirt as the point at which the dirt comes in contact with the media is reduced.

When you stop dirt you retain compression and performance!

Think about a Chain Link Fence vs. Mosquito Netting

A similar analogy is putting a tennis ball into a chain link fence. The whole area of the opening is now cut off. Now add the nanofiber (mosquito netting) over the top of the chain link fence. Place the tennis ball on the hole but observe: the tennis ball only closes off about 5% of the surface and the entire area is still opened up..

More capacity = better performance and as the holes are smaller you get more protection too. The oil wetted gauze filters offer only the slightest protection over their life compared to running no filter at all. Cummins issued a bulletin in the late 90’s to never use these filters.

Nanofiber compared to cellulose

Comparing typical filter media to ours.

Several Filter Sizes Available

There are 17 different sizes available. We keep most of them in the local store (Exit 73) and Stan Houston’s can have these delivered on site of that location is more convenient.

This link will help you find the best fit

Electron Microscope shot of the synthetic filter media

A filter is supposed to actually “stop” the dirt – lol

Learn more on our page dedicated to this “cone” Cold Air Intake Filter.  I keep most of these sizes in stock in Sioux Falls.  Call 605-274-2580 to double check.