AMC Eagle live and well thanks to AMSOIL 10W-30 Z-Rod motor oil.

AMSOIL keeps Eagle on road!

Our 1983 AMC Eagle is the car we depend on most in the winter. The switchable fourwheel-drive is invaluable here in Sioux Falls, SD (our home office). This is also the car (station wagon) we use to move all the loads to the Sioux Falls store.

In the photo you can see this is an old car battery. I bought it in 2007 but its marked as 2002 so it was on the shelf awhile. The car is mostly stop and go and our office is only 1.3 miles from the store so often it has more load than charge.

In the winter it is parked mostly outside and some days or quite a few this winter it gets started around -5 to zero degrees!! Sometimes lower. I can say AMSOIL will add significant life to the battery. The load reduced is significant. It’s actually measured by “Brookfield Viscosity” which AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have a VERY low loss of torque compared to other synthetics.

Reduced stress converts to a reduction of many headaches over the years! You can see AMSOIL saves me a car payment by keeping these delightful cars on the road beating the odds of common failures.

Old Excide battery still runs thanks to Amsoil

Battery dated 2002 installed in car 2007.

The 10W on a motor oil is not the “cold weather start up weight” or viscosity but rather represents “Winter Weight Group”. The number after the hyphen is the actual operating viscosity. But the 10W simply represents a wide group of numbers required for that group.  The lower the winter weight number means the more fluid the oil will be at lower temperatures. It’s still going to be thicker than when the car is warmed up. A 5W test is taken at a different temperature than a 10W test. I’ll look for the chart and update this blog with that at another time.  But in the mean time know that AMSOIL saves you more than oil change time and fuel, the life of your battery is extended too!!

cold motor

Eagle’s 4.2 Inline Six