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Propane Service Ending Jan 20th

We are ending propane service to better serve our coast to coast AMSOIL customers.

The propane fills will end January 20th or when the last gallons are pumped from the tank around that date. Please get in for our best deal while the supply lasts.
I Also have several new tanks I can fill for $20 less than our competitors. Most want $45- $50 for a full tank without an exchange.

Future tank fills are being directed to NorthView Bait & Tackle.  1400 N Kiwanis Ave.

Propane Discount Week – $2.57 per Gallon

Fill your Propane Tanks Now!

Propane Special of the year. We won’t do this again till Spring. Tuesday the 14th through Saturday 18th, propane is only $2.57 per gallon!! And if you buy any AMSOIL product when you visit the price goes down to $2.20/gal!

So plan your oil change, clean your fuel systems with AMSOIL gasoline, diesel or small engine additives, and bring your propane tanks this week!

Propane Tank Deal – FULL while Supplies Last

I still have a lot of inventory of new, used and refurbished tanks. We fill them when you buy.

Sioux Falls propane tank bargain center

These are priced way below what the market charges, I just have too many and need to put those funds into our oil business so if you need propane for your grill or garage heater now is the time to buy.

If you need your propane tanks filled for winter, NOW is the time to get your large tanks filled as the price is now going up!! 100# (23 gallon tanks) we have a great price to fill.

Refurbished only $35 includes $16 in propane. Yes a FULL tank, not a under filled.  Everyone else gets $40 to $50 for a rusty 20# tank only filled to 15#.

You can buy a real cheep tank at Costco but you still have to fill it. My price is still less. I also have new tanks full for $40 and re-certified tanks for $30 full.  So get them now while I still have them as I will no longer carry tanks when these are gone.

We will however still fill them at a reasonable price.

sioux falls propane tank


Re-manufactured Propane “Grill” Tank Clearance Sale

Sioux Falls Propane Tanks Full and Ready!

Sioux Falls BBQ manGet one of these before grilling season begins and save big!! We are over stocked and need to move some inventory so you save.  Check out the price when you buy a full (ready) tank without one to exchange from any of the local retailers. Notice the price and that it is only filled to 15 pounds if that..

Total Value for Propane Grilling

Now compare to our price for a fully refurbished and safety checked 20 pound propane tank (Painted, new valve and tested) with 20 pounds of propane. You can feel the difference which is why our customers come back for re-filling.

Only this time when you buy at our low price of $40 for a full tank, we will fill it on your first re-fill for only $10 when you return.  Then after that it is our regular price and speedy service.

Best deal for your BBQ and Patio Heater

Sioux Falls propane filling and use does not have to be expensive. We also discount propane per gallon on Thursdays and when you bring in more than one tank. 30 pound tanks and larger sizes save even more so we are the place for those who use their patio heaters.

Visit us at the Sioux Falls AMSOIL store
4610 W. 12th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57107 (Next to the Cenex fuel station  – Cubbies)

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