Series 500 High-Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid

AMSOIL Brake Fluids provide superior high-temperature performance

Series 500 High-Performance DOT 3 Brake FluidPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

AMSOIL Series 500 DOT 3 High-Performance Synthetic Brake Fluid and AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid feature pure base stocks and robust additives that resist boil-off and the effects of water contamination more effectively than conventional brake fluids. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids deliver superior high-temperature performance in auto/light-truck, high-performance, racing and powersports applications.

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Water contaminates the brake system by seeping through microscopic pores in flexible brake lines and seals and through the reservoir fill cap when opened. Once inside, it quickly works to corrode brake parts, lines and seals, leading to eventual system failure. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids keep water in suspension, slowing its corroding effects. They lubricate and protect intricate braking components despite the inevitable water absorption associated with braking systems, delivering long-lasting performance.


The extreme pressure and high heat common to braking can push conventional brake fluid beyond its boiling point, causing it to vaporize, or ?boil-off.? Even more problematic, water contamination can drop the boiling point of conventional fluid below safe standards, accelerating the rate at which it boils off. This leads to a spongy or unresponsive feeling in the brake pedal. In contrast, the unique chemistry behind AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids increase their boiling point temperatures well beyond Department of Transportation (DOT) standards even when contaminated with 3.7 percent water (see chart). They maintain a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range and flow easily at the high pressures generated in today’s automotive brake systems to deliver consistent, safe braking. AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid features a wet equilibrium reflux boiling point (Wet ERBP) nearly 100°F higher than the DOT minimum, making it ideal for high-performance cars, motorcycles and vehicles used for towing.

DOT Minimum
205°C (401°F)
271°C (520°F)
Wet ERBP**:
140°C (284°F)
151°C (304°F)
230°C (446°F)
304°C (580°F)
Wet ERBP**:
155°C (311°F)
193°C (379°F)

*Dry equilibrium reflux boiling point (ERBP)–the boiling point of new, freshly opened brake fluid.

**Wet ERBP–the boiling point of brake fluid having absorbed 3.7 percent water. Only 3.7 percent water contamination is often sufficient to reduce a DOT 3 fluid’s boiling point below the DOT minimum.

Typical Technical Properties
AMSOIL Series 500 DOT 3 High Performance Synthetic Brake Fluid and AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Synthetic Brake Fluid
Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point
Dry °C (°F)
Wet °C (°F)
271 (520)
151 (304)
304 (580)
193 (379)
-40°C (-40°F), cSt
100°C (212°F), cSt
pH 9.0 7.2



The aggressive driving conditions and sudden stops common to some on- and off-road motorcycle and ATV applications can literally boil conventional brake fluid, leaving behind a discolored, dirty solution that can promote deposit formation and corrosion on braking components. Worn brake fluid also fails to deliver adequate protection against water ingress common to powersports equipment exposed to the elements.

The synthetic base stocks and superior additives in AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids excel in demanding powersports applications, providing reliable brake lever and pedal response, corrosion protection and longevity as compared to conventional brake fluids. AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluids are the product of choice for racing, heavy hauling or leisure powersports applications.


Consult the AMSOIL Online Product Applications Guide at for application information.

Refer to your owner’s manual regarding the proper change interval for your brake fluid. If no information is available, AMSOIL recommends changing DOT 4 brake fluid every two years. DOT 3 brake fluids typically have a longer life span, so be sure to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended change interval.

To determine the correct DOT classification for powersports applications, consult your owner’s manual.


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