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From the President's Desk – Local Heritage & Happy Employees

AMSOIL CEO Al Amatuzio

From the Desk of AMSOIL Founder Al Amatuzio:


AMSOIL CEO Al Amatuzio

Al Amatuzio – Founder & CEO of AMSOIL INC

Frequently I take the time to walk through different areas of the company to meet with our employees. My mission is not to ensure that all noses are planted firmly to the grindstone; it is simply to say hello and make sure employees are content and their jobs are going well. Without fail, I meet with smiling faces, and judging from all of the uplifting attitudes it is clear that our people enjoy working at AMSOIL. They take pride in what they do.


I’m not surprised. They have plenty of reason to be proud. It starts, of course, with our products. AMSOIL products perform as advertised. We don’t have to hide behind dubious claims or side-step those issues that concern customers. We want AMSOIL consumers to remain loyal to the brand, and that only happens when performance aligns with expectations. Our employees, and our Dealers, never have to mislead and never have to apologize for product quality.


AMSOIL employees are proud of the corporate environment. Dealers who have attended AMSOIL University or one of our conventions and have seen first-hand our corporate office building and manufacturing plant understand what I mean. A person would be hard pressed to find a cleaner, more efficient operation. Our impressive scope, acute attention to detail and corporate culture are not lost on visitors to AMSOIL. Len Albrecht, project manager for Lakehead Constructors, a company that we frequently employ, sums it up pretty well in a recent article in a local publication called Positively Superior. “AMSOIL is an extremely clean environment, and I know they take a lot of pride in that. Beyond that, it’s the people that really stand out. Everybody you walk by says hello. It makes a positive impact when that is the culture of the entire company.”


In that same article other individuals point to another source of pride shared by our employees, and that is our commitment to the local community.


Whenever possible we employ local vendors. Two trucking companies, Halvor Lines Trucking and Jeff Foster Trucking, have been hauling for us for nearly 40 years. Halvor Lines president Jon Vinje had this to say about his relationship with AMSOIL. “It’s been a long relationship that was started by my father and Al Amatuzio. My dad always taught me the importance of business partnerships. A true partnership needs to be good for both parties, and I truly believe Halvor Lines and AMSOIL have one of these special partnerships.” Vinje added this about our products. “We are extremely pleased with the reduced maintenance costs and increased fuel economy, and it also increases our ability in the cold winter climate. AMSOIL makes a premier product that accomplishes all of the needs for our fleet.”


Our commitment to the local community extends beyond our vendors. Although we make a pointed effort to keep the great majority of the donations we provide well beneath the radar, those causes we support that reach the public eye are yet another source of employee pride. Most recently we established an organization called the AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation. Through this, we lead the effort to ensure that our regional law enforcement agencies are adequately funded for the purchase, training and care of the incredible dogs that aid in crime prevention and help protect our police officers in the field.


Along similar lines, I felt a personal commitment to lend the AMSOIL name to the recently constructed arena in Duluth, Minnesota. This facility is extremely important to the regional economy, and as a long-time resident of Duluth and a former member of the University of Minnesota-Duluth hockey team, which calls this arena home, I felt obliged to provide support. You will see on page 21 of this issue that AMSOIL Arena received this year’s top honors in Stadium Journey Magazine’s search for the best stadium experience in North America. As the top 10 list indicates, we are in some pretty lofty company, and you can be sure we all felt a certain sense of pride in that.


I hope our Dealers feel a similar sense of pride in their AMSOIL Dealerships. This company has worked extremely hard at establishing our brand and gaining respect throughout the industry for integrity and innovation. That’s the foundation on which your Dealership was built. Take pride in what you do and success will follow.


AJ Amutuzio

Trials and Tests

Trials and Tests

Although we do our own tests and write about our own personal impressions here at Synthetic Warehouse – the corporate end is an expert on this situation. AMSOIL is known to their suppliers to have one of the most advanced testing and lab facilities in the world. But the published tests are usually done by Southwest Research.

This link goes to the main corporate page containing all of these tests.

There are about 14 plus many in the archives. Enjoy!


From the Filter Manufacturers Council:

From the Filter Manufacturers Council:

From the Filter Manufacturers Council:

Important information regarding – Transmission Fluid Evacuation Service

Don't forget about your transmission filter!

Don’t forget about your transmission filter!


There has been a recent trend toward use of fluid evacuation systems in the automatic transmission service industry in lieu of traditional transmission service methods. These systems are used to pump the old fluid out of the transmission and to refill with fresh fluid. This avoids dropping the pan and draining the unit which can be time consuming and messy. The use of this method to replace the transmission fluid is a clean, efficient, and safe way to remove hot oil from a transmission. The
problem, however, is that often times it is mistakenly thought that this represents complete transmission service and that removal, and cleaning of the pan and inspection and servicing of the filter are unnecessary.

Some people believe that all transmission filters are backflushed clean every time the vehicle is turned off. This is a major misconception. Three-quarters of all transmission filters today are not a simple screen, they are made of felt. A felt filter CANNOT be backflushed. Felt holds dirt particles within tiny pores in the felt. It will not wash out or flush out. If a felt filter becomes clogged it must be replaced. Clogged filters restrict fluid flow, which lowers pressure to clutches and bands. This can cause slippage and eventual burnout of the transmission.

Service manuals and textbooks on transmission service recommend that a transmission filter be inspected and replaced, if necessary, as often as every 15,000 miles (24,140km), for severe service such as city driving, desert (hot dusty) driving, extreme cold, frequent short trips, trailer towing, and delivery service. In normal operating conditions the manuals recommend to inspect and replace the filter at least every 30,000 miles (48,280km). Even the newer vehicles with 100,000 mile (160,934km) drive train service warranties, the manufacturer recommends filter replacement if the vehicle sees severe service conditions.

There have been an increasing number of instances surfacing recently regarding transmission failures shortly after an evacuation service, without filter removal. At the time of a fluid evacuation service, there is no way to know the condition of the filterand how clogged it may be. The filters job is to collect and hold contaminants, (dirt, metal filings, friction particles, etc.), and prevent these particles from causing malfunction in such components as electronic force motors and solenoids. Today’s
transmissions are far more susceptible to malfunctions caused by fine dirt contamination. Without servicing the filter, there is no way to know if the filter is clean of debris or nearing capacity. If the filter is nearing capacity, transmission failure may not be far off. This is also a sign that there may be other internal problems in the transmission. Recognizing these warning signs could eliminate major service later.

Most of the transmission failures after an evacuation service have occurred primarily on relatively high mileage transmissions that have not been serviced in some time. One reason for this is that the sludge and dirt buildup within the transmission will not completely be removed during the service. When the new fluid (which has detergent properties) is placed in the transmission, over days and weeks, the internal
components begin to wash the insides of the transmission.

This sludge does finally work loose and settles in the transmission filter, clogging it up even further than it may have been before service. In these extreme cases, where service has not been performed in some time, changing the filter may not completely fix the problem. Some mechanics recommend a second service a few weeks after the first, replacing the filter again, which may be partially clogged due to the cleaning process in the transmission.

Even if the fluid evacuation method is desired to remove the used transmission fluid, the pan should be removed also, and an inspection should be made of the pan contents, fluid, and filter to determine the condition of the transmission. Aluminum filings in the pan or iron filings on the pan magnet are signs of internal wear and may
give light to potential problems in the transmission. Transmission service is performed for preventative maintenance. Evaluating the overall condition of the transmission by removing the pan should be part of this preventative maintenance also.

The Filter Manufacturers Council urges everyone to dispose of all used filters properly.

Several New AMSOIL Products now Available!

AMSOIL's latest Motorcycle line of oils! DB Series for more consistent clutch performance!
Mustang 5W-50 Motor oil from AMSOIL

AMSOIL 5W-50 for Ford Mustang

For February AMSOIL has answered the needs of a growing niche market starting with a new required blend for Ford Mustang 5W-50, A high performance blend for several Chrysler and Nissan products 0W-40 and a line of three products for the dirt bike markets. All available here in Sioux Falls.

We’ll be posting the details on these products right away but here is the link to the corporate site where you can research more.